Taking my Sal from OP7 to OP8

ive been trying for the last few days to finally get my Sal from OP7 to OP8, i always die at the assassin room, ive watched numerous videos of people doing the last round, it seems to me that the spawns always vary, but everytime ive tried the last round, i get an all 4 assassin spawn at once, and ive tried a lot, lol

I used:

Legendary Gunzerker
Bone of the Ancients, shock

Set 1: Grog Nozzle + Crammed Unkempt Harold
Set 2: shock Infinity + Rapid Infinity

Basic idea: try to burn down 1-2 right away, avoiding Oney initially, use Quasars to reverse kite/break line of sight initially

Looking down into the area, Oney will spawn just down and to the right. I jump down and quickly move to the left of the pipe, activating my action skill as I hit the ground. As I get to the pipe, I turn back toward the entrance and start unloading on the Assassin who spawned close/left from the entrance as I backpedal to the far end of the pipe. Oney has typically started moving toward the fight, so I’ve got him walking a path toward the outside of the pipe. As the first assassin dies, throw a Quasar toward where the dead guy spawned in order to yank Oney to that side of the pipe, if necessary.

Turn and start banging on the Assassin who spawned far/left from the entrance. Use Quasars to group the two who aren’t Oney together, and work your way past them as you continue firing at them.

*If Gunzerking runs out, swap to the Grog and toss a Quasar or two and use the pipes to keep line of sight broken. With this spec and the BoA on, your AS will pop again very quickly.

After you have 1 or 2 down, you should be in control if you can survive a break in Gunzerking.

dont have quasar or infinity, ive also been trying to use an ahab/pimp build, i found it a bit more more fun and challenging to play, and easier to kill big bosses with, like saturn, dukinos mom and such, tho killing smaller dudes is a bit harder

eidt, i do have a grog nozzle and a harold, it just took me forever to finally kill master gee, let alone get him to drop his stupid rocket launcher, i really enjoy using the pimp build

I don’t want to be rude, but try giving the pimpernel to zer0. He doesn’t even need an empty rocket launcher in his other hand. What comes to real advice, (if you want to play legit) bring a fire interfacer for oney. leave one gun slot free so the grog stays on your other hand when swapping between dpuh and interfacer. Have constant damage output on your target to stay alive. Playing as sal isn’t rocket science.

That post was unnecessarily condescending. I would be surprised if the majority of us on this board haven’t learned something in our time here that we may have never learned otherwise. Beyond that, I should point out that there are 3 sources for the Interfacer in UVHM, and for people playing solo and without gibbed, they may not be readily available-- especially in a specific element. As such, it’s not an ideal shoice to toss out as a given.

Please remember that people come here to have fun and to exchange ideas and information. If we’re not contributing to that kind of environment, we aren’t in position to speak down to others.

FYI, in OP7 (when getting to OP8), the 4 Assassins always spawn at once immediately. In OP8, every run has different spawns.