Taking the @$$ out of Bad@$$

I think gimping both life steal AND damage was going WAY to far. What they needed to do was look at what helixs people where running. Most of the insane damage builds where just looking for damage with no regared for here support play. These people stack the staff damage with 100% life steal then just run arround kiting to then melee. So it looks like it may have been more of a helix issue rather then her base stats cuz lets be honest now if you pay a sunspot build you have next to no damage output an self healing ability unleas standing in 2 sun spots ( which have hp and can be killed.

I have yet to unlock Ambra this time through. I had planned to right away, but after reading the hotfix, I had no desire to play her. a 34% damage nerf on top of the range/lock-on/ first beam damage nerf/massive melee damage nerf, no thank you. I honestly cannot recall killed by an Ambra since the “fix.” I have feared this was going to happen since the beta. all the hate would get her nerfed into the unusable category.

The beta nerf made her unusable as a support player. There is absolutely no way to use the beam on a teammate unless they stand still, and as far as damaging enemies with the gauntlet you only have to take a few steps back to break it. She cannot even hit someone on the little sniping platforms in overgrowth while jumping…but a melee character can hit people up there?

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I honestly didn’t see what was so OP about Ambra in Beta. I never ran into a situation where I was OP or where others seemed OP. Now I feel her survivability is pretty bad. I realize she’s technically a mage/healer, but the fact that she’s in melee distance constantly is a bit troublesome since release. She WAS one of my favorites, now I hardly play her. I’m not saying she’s terrible, but I do feel they nerfed her too much since beta when Galilea is still a beast and Kleese is still laughably weak.

Ambra doesn’t really come into her own until you unlock her heat generating legendary and her mutations. After that point, you can do a lot of nasty stuff - her ranged attacks are still brutal and have unlimited distance, and her massive staff knockback mutation is hilarious to use on people. In advanced play she becomes support and artillery and is especially nasty in the late game, all about area denial, debuffing, and pushing your minions ahead while melting the enemy’s.

But I only play in PVE and incursion, so. Grain of salt. I loved her in beta, and I love her now, I was never interested in playing her as some kind of brawler (made no sense to me). If you want to be a brawler, be a brawler.

That’s fair enough, but as for the brawler part I’m not sure I follow. Until you unlock her staff mutation (at what, level 5 is it?) she doesn’t really have any range (more than maybe 2-3 meters and she can’t move very fast during that time). Am I missing something seriously important?!

Short answer is: play very defensively. Once you get heatgen legendary and the ability to heal sunspots, you have infinite long range artillery and the ability to heal groups and debuff/melt mobs VERY fast. Be on the back lines, be a scheming sorcerer, you will kick ass.

And I was being inarticulate - by being a brawler I meant, if you want to be some melee duelist, you should play a character that fits that style. Ambra was never intended to be a facetanker, more an opportunist and strategist.

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Ya her legendary gear in all honesty made her broken as hell in the beta as you could just stack the legendary that drops from ISIC magnus and she could actually beat most other damage dealers. I personally feel like the lv 3 left helix got hit hard when they did this unless your stacking some good heal power and at that point you need crystals to buff it. Basiclly my point is the lv 3 left helix is a now not as user friendly as you can put yourself in some real trouble if your not standing in range of a sun spot or well and set in cover. Basiclly she is more terratorial then versitile now.

Agreed on the territorial bit, which suits me just fine. Also agreed that she just needs more helix options to maintain that versatile status, but I’m good as is for my playstyle.

Ambra is still top tier with her balance of healing, dps, area control and survivability. I am still wary of engaging her because her primaries lock on makes her so hard to avoid damage from.

Ambra is great. Played her back in November on Closed Beta but did not have a chance on Open Beta recently.

The way you need to play her is exactly as Moonbat suggest. I usually do well as support with her even though sometimes I have gotten into trouble by pushing her as a duelist. Old habits I guess. Initially you play her cautiously as support, drop a couple of sunspots for support, flanking minions, spec as radiant gale to push foes back and away from you/into your allies line of fire/attack as well as pushing Miko away from the tank he would be healing. Gear for Movement increase buff to be able to slide in and out of combat and kite other enemies to follow you to your side where they can be ambushed by fellow allies and buildables (players still hate Ambra alot and will make these mistakes). Level 5 Cauterization will help increase movement by 30%. Survivability will come as having increase movement to run, sunspot heals, learn to Life Steal close/medium range then switch to doing some Scorching Strikes with the added Damage from the Heat generated… Flame Staff at Level 7 is lovely as now the damage from Heat used on Scorching strikes now is gained as Life Steal (more survivability).

Once you unlock her mutations you have Stellar Ritual which is a Level 3 ability that replenishes and strengthens her Sunspots (I usually cast these behind my allies and stand away from line of sight while I’m continuously replenishing it. Level 4 you have Ritual of Repulsion which is basically two slams causing a knock back radius and, if I’m not mistaken, I believe damage is dealt as well but I’ll need to confirm this. Level 7 mutation basically turns the staff into a long range fire ball canon which is awesome… so yeah, she rules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

JC, here’s some great stuff:

Her legendary, which constantly regens heat passively, makes it so her level 7 mutation can be cast infinitely, even when at 0 heat - the cost of it is whatever heat you have on hand and it does not suffer in damage for consuming 1 heat or 40 heat, always the same. Ritual of repulsion does a LOT of damage, the amount of a full solar wind channel in half the time, the AOE cone is huge with the AOE upgrade, and it does TWO knockbacks and can be used to send melee players flying out of battle, or Miko well away from the tank.

The sunspot sustainment is amazing, and I always get the debuff, cooldown reduction, and extra healing options - this allows me to throw them down really aggressively and maintain them in the middle of battle for as long as possible - it does a surprising amount of AOE damage, debuffs all enemies by 16%, and heals allies in a really great AOE healing field. Even if it gets destroyed, I still made my enemies take 16% more damage for 5 seconds.

Ambra when played by someone who respects her “Complex” classification is a ■■■■■■■ wizard. She makes games happen.

BTW, I just paused the game to report on a little “shortcut” to getting all 500 kills using Solar Wind that I just figured out:

In Story Mode, The Algorithm, after defeating Aracnus the Spider King, you will come up to a cavern with frozen enemies and some live ones. After you destroy the 2nd of the 3 Crystals you will defeat a Big Minion and then 2 Frozen Swollen Swarmers will come out. Each Swarmer will give birth to 5 tiny swarmers. Defeat one of the big swarmer so you’re left with only one. Run around the cavern while she breeds her tiny swarmers and kill them off with Solar Wind (without harming the mom of course so she can continue breeding). Rinse and repeat the same thing until you reach 500 kills which should be pretty quick. ;D

You can use the solar wind mutation that knock enemies back when pounding her staff as it is still a Solar Wind attack.

I don’t understand how anyone can think Ambra is OK right now. She is hands down the worst support and has such situational DPS that any other battleborn would be a better choice. Having to rely on legendary items is an inherent disadvantage, and any other battleborn can utilize a legendary to go from good to great, while Ambra has to utilize it as a crutch and only really benefits from it at level 7. Even other battleborn that are “late bloomers” generally hit their power ramp at level 5.

She can’t even heal properly because she relies on health drain to fuel her heal beam. If you try to drain health from enemies to replenish what you lost healing a target you will come out of an encounter at an hp loss. At level 1 you drain about 9 hp per tick which goes up to about 18 at level 10. That isn’t enough healing to accomplish anything, which leaves it as little more than a heat generator… Which is just a means of DPS from melee attacks. She has to generate heat just to do comparable damage to a melee that can deal higher damage with zero maintenance. How is that sensible?

As much as I want to say Ambra is decently balanced right now I kinda have to agree with you. She requires an insane deal of care and strategy to accomplish anything legitimately meaningful in PvP. I’ve fought her several times and when she’s alone (and I’m not a slow character) I can destroy her in a couple seconds (even faster than Marquis).

Believe me, I would love a buff. I am tired of feeling helpless in close combat. I’m not saying she’s good or balanced right now, I’m just saying I’ve managed to make her work (sort of). But against good players, if my team doesn’t know how to work with me (lol they never do) we lose so hard.

I love the character dearly, but yeah. This nerf hurt, and I wish it wasn’t so damned heavy-handed. I would love to see her with more range on her heat drain so she can assume a more commanding, overseeing role on a battlefield. TBH, I’m just stubborn when I get sentimental about a character.

AS for her legendary being a crutch, let’s be fair - her legendary is one of the easiest to get. You can do it all completely solo in PVE in like one or two evenings of play.

Give me more survivability, a little better support, and some more ranged options, please. I had to work hard just to get her to where she started feeling like a proper sorceress, and even then, I’m struggling in versus play.

Still a load of fun in PVE with friends, of course. But PVP is another beast entirely. I can squeak by with my builder approach, but buildable items in incursion seem pitifully weak for how much you have to invest in them. That’s another can of worms, too.

IDK. My enthusiasm is starting to wane.

Stay strong! :stuck_out_tongue:
I have won 16 out of last 20 matches in PVP with Ambra (without her Legendary item). Maybe improving the way you use her might help alot.

I’ll admit I haven’t put much effort into trying to make her current state work, when I tried playing her as a healer it just felt ineffectual, and simply wasn’t much fun for me to play. As much as I like Ambra I would still prefer playing Miko or Reyna (maybe Kleese… Still not sold on him) as opposed to hitting my head against a wall trying to make Ambra work for me.

No amount of personal skill can account for a bad matchup. I’ve won 20 matches with her overall, I just think I had a string of bad luck.

It’s fine, I love Orendi equally as much.