Tales from BLs synopsis spoiler available?

Some of the information we’ve seen so far indicates that characters and action from Tales from the Borderlands is (since it’s canon) going to be threaded into BL3. And knowing that info would enhance appreciation of some aspects, and NPCs, that will be part of BL3.
I have Tales and messed about a bit with it. But it’s not my kind of game, I stopped less than 10% in. So I’ll miss those references.

Is there a spoiler-filled synopsis of all of Tales? Would love to at least read through the plot line and get familiar with the characters before BL3 hits.
I have searched a bit and read some stuff, but I haven’t found a definitive guide.
Thanks for any pointers.

My first bet is always the fanwiki

Yeah not a game to me either, just a fun story. I bought it and played through like the first 2 episodes and then watched someone else stream it.

You can look up “Tales from the Borderlands” on YouTube and find the full episodes, which I think is the best way, but if you want a very quick high points presentation you might try SupMatto’s vid:

SupMatto’s effort is, in my opinion, a bit rushed and disjointed but I think it does what he intended pretty well (which is to cover major points you need to know for future games), at least as far as I remember.

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Try Oboeshoes story recap. It’s quite funny and it sticks to the confirmed canon.

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