Tales from Borderlands Season Pass and Mercenary Day skins disappearing

Hi guys

So my problem is that my save file of Wilhelm and Clapy got corrupted and the skin rewards just decided to disappear.
Of course, I had them reademed but they just don’t want to show up in the quick change machine. I’ve already filed report but i didn’t get the answer yet. Before somebody proposes to check the connection with shift and telltale accounts, I’ve already done that. If somebody had similar problem, can you explain to me how you’ve dealt with the problem?
Thank you in advance for your help.

You should check if any other heads or skins went missing at the same time. This seems to happen randomly on all platforms, unfortunately. You could try creating a new character, and then checking if the missing rewards get added back in. Other than that, you’ll just have to wait for a response from one of the support staff. That usually takes a day or two (depending on ticket volume).

Yeah. I tried cheking it on the other characters and it seems it’s gone completely.

I meant check other heads and skins besides the reward ones? Anything else obviously missing when you go through carefully, eg from your stash, Badass Rank numbers, … ?

Yeah, after the files got corrupted i had a fresh start with nothing in stash and without all my badass rank numbers. Also i had to collect the skins from the start to.

Bummer. I’d recommend making regular backups of your save files from here on out. There’s an additional file called “Profile Data” (not sure of the suffix) that needs backing up as well: it’s actually the one that contains your heads, skins, BAR stats, and stash contents. Hope the support crew manage to get at least some of your stuff back for you.

The one with the .bin extention?

Not sure - I’m on console, so I can’t check unfortunately. It should be in the same folder as all your saves though. Maybe @Gulfwulf or someone can confirm?

Alright, I backed it up and now i need to wait for help from the almighty support crew. I guess it was my fault for not being careful.

Not necessarily your fault. It’s not clear why this happens periodically, nor is it clear why it has happened to some people multiple times and others not at all. All I can suggest is that you be particular about saving and quitting - it’s easy to trigger saves without realising it by going into your inventory, a vendor or Quick Change machine, or standing in the trigger zone of a save point (there are at least three in Concordia, for example). If you force the game to quit while it’s updating a save, there’s a chance of file corruption.

Yep. Your skin data should be saved in there, so keep a good backup copy of that file since you’re having issues. Hopefully support can get you sorted out first.