Tales from the Boderlands bonus rewards not my level

After finally reaching level 70 on my Jack, I redeemed my Tales From the Borderlands bonus rewards at the Shift vending machine, only to my disappointment, the items were all level 50. Weren’t these items suppose to be the same level as my character upon redemption?

I sent a ticket at Gearbox Support, hoping to receive the weapons again and was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

I redeemed the items in the True Vault Hunter Mode play through if this had any effect on this, planned on having some fun with the new gear in a fresh new Ultimate Vault Hunter Play through D:

same thing happened to my nisha, she was 65 when claiming, but itens level was 50, like you I was in TVHM when I collected them, maybe that is a factor in it, bites thow when your told they will be the level of character that collects them, but nothing is working right with this remaster anyway, hope the decide to fix all this stuff, but they way its looking, this was just quick money for them, don’t think we are gonna get too much in the way of support, other than the usual, send a ticket

Agreed ,Frustrating Stuff. But I do hope they do something about the little things like this, these are rewards for our purchase and support, but the problem was out of our control for the most part as we were told it would be the same level as your character upon redemption , I am still happy about my purchase of the remaster though.

Excalibastard also stays capped at level 50 in TVHM despite their recent update uncapping the TVHM grinder. I hope you end up gettting the weapons in level 70. Good luck.

Thanks for the warning about the Excalibastard, would of sucked making the same mistake twice and Thank you for wishing me luck :smile:

Apologies for bumping such an old thread but I have the exact same problem under the same circumstances so is there anyway of fixing this? Something else I’ve noticed is that the changes to the Boss Nova Assault Rifle that were made with the 1.07/1.03 patch(es) are not retrospective so I’m stuck with a weapon that doesn’t work like it should and is under-levelled :frowning:.