Tales from the Borderlands Cosplay

Thought I’d share my latest cosplay…
Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands


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My cosplay page…

Anyone else working on a Tales from the Borderlands cosplay?


That is coolbeans! Thanks so much for sharing your talented work. :smile_cat:

I asked one of my friends how you do that marker etching Borderlands style and she never got back to me, so I’ll ask it here. I’ve been trying to improve my own skills as a cosplayer, usually I just let my older sister make my costumes.

Holy cow, it looks very very good. Well done. Looks like you belong in the game! Those maker lines look awesome.

You first want to get a buttload of fabric markers (black and white). Then go over every single edge with the black. When you are done with the edges then you can move to the center of the piece. A lot of times there are creases… especially in fabrics… so you will trace those creases with the black fabric marker. If you look close at reference pictures you may also notice little imperfections in the outfits… like little dots spread out unevenly throughout. You’d put those in with the fabric marker.

Before moving on… look back at the reference picture to see if there is anything else that needs to be cel-shaded.

For crease… you want to give them dimension. With black water color you want to paint the inside parts of the crease curves. Have it darker towards the black line… and have it fade out.

Finally use the white fabric marker. Use it on places where light is supposed to reflect… for instance the top of a metal belt. (Its also good to use on darker materials that are difficult to cel-shade with a black marker.

Also if you go back and look at the water color creases you did… you will notice that they do run. To fix it… use the white fabric pen to go on top (outerlayer) of each curve.

Anyways hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Awesome job, @spamlovesmemore! I saw this on the the Facebook group. So well done!

You did it RIGHT. I’ve seen some people try to do this style, and they just didn’t capture the magic. Very nice work.

I have been dying to comment on this but couldn’t reply until now.

This cosplay is amazing!!!
Definitely one of if not the best I have ever seen of a borderlands character. Great work!!!

Updated with new pictures :smile:


Updated with more pics!