Tales from the Borderlands Loyalty Rewards?


I’m wondering if the Tales from the Borderlands Loyalty Rewards are still available to be earned in the pre sequel? Everything I read says that you got the rewards for purchasing the season pass before the episodes were all out. If I buy all the episodes now on my iPad, will I still get anything in the pre sequel?


I don’t know about the rewards post-TftB completion, but it was great: I would highly recommend buying it (with the season pass!) regardless.

Thanks. I’m sure i’ll buy it eventually, but I’d buy it much sooner if I knew I could get a loyalty reward from it.

Maybe @JoeKGBX can answer your question? Paging Joe…

Yup, I just started BL:TPS yesterday and received the rewards.

But had you purchased the Tales season pass before the release of the final episode? That’s the question…

Ahh, I’m sorry. Failing at reading comprehension today. Yes, I had purchased the season pass before the final episode was released. So, I guess I don’t have the answer to your question…

Yeah, as @VaultHunter101 pointed out, the question @MyndOvahMattah is when did you buy the episodes for tales from the borderlands? I already own and am playing TPS, so if I buy the episode pack of 2-5 on my iPad (since episode 1 is free), will I still get the rewards? Or did you buy tales from the borderlands back before all the episodes were released?

Just a heads up that you need to have Tales on the same platform as TPS to get the rewards.

@VaultHunter101 oh seriously? so even if loyalty rewards still exist, if I buy it on my iPad I won’t get anything if I’m playing TPS on Ps4?

If you buy it on your Ipad you won’t get anything, it does need to be bought on the same platform as TPS. If you’re playing on PS4, you’d need to buy it for PS4, but you would still definitely get the promo weapons.

@thefaceofboe. Helpful insight (thanks!), but super lame. Guess I won’t be getting tales from the borderlands anytime soon…

Fair enough. It really was a great adventure game minus the lame ending though, TT almost knocked it out of the park.

Yup, as confirmed by @thefaceofboe. I was originally going to buy it for iPad or laptop but, when I found out about the rewards thing, I got it on 360 instead. I think it’s probably better suited to a touch device, though - I found the tracking speed really slow on the 360, and there was no way to change the sensitivity. There are times in the game where you need to position the aiming point quite quickly on a target, and I missed that multiple times due to the sluggish response.

Edit: I will say, though, that Fiona’s hat looks perfect on Nisha!


I also use that awesome head for Nisha, it just looks so fitting on her.

@vaulthunter101 @thefaceofboe any good weapons go along with the skins/heads?

I don’t remember what they are, as I haven’t redeemed those because of this:

I’m sure the information is out there though…

I used the Hyperion shotgun “Company man” in my Jack build. That thing tore through the Raid boss’s shields at high levels. The way the spread is patterned it smacks the heck out his critical while he’s shielded. In his first forum aiming at his torso hits him for critical and his big forum, you can pretty much use it to send pellet after pellet in tehhe eye socket of his mask. Since it’s hyperion is also give you a level of Jack’s skill “company man” (yup, same name), making for some quick efficient high damage criticals.

That’s the only time I ever used the weapons.


Thanks @VaultHunter101!

I’ll look into this for you this week, @heinbr. Just so I’m clear, you played Tales on iPad, but what platform are you looking to get the rewards on for TPS?

@joekgbx Hi Joe, I have not played tales yet, but the only device I wan to play it on is iPad. I have TPS on PS4. Is there no way to get the rewards on my ps4 if I got tales on my iPad?