Tales From the Borderlands Returns

From the Borderlands Facebook Account.


Tales From the Borderlands 2: :grinning:

Totally developed in house by Gearbox: :grimacing:


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I’m cautiously optimistic about that.

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Yay time for more beloved characters to be ruined


Think this will this fill in some gap in lore, or start its own fork? I don’t recognize those silhouettes.

Spoilers for Tales from the Borderlands and a observations about the teaser image t hat could predict key details about Tales 2

Pretty sure that’s Fiona and Rhys at the Alter in front of the Vault of the Traveler. It had an alter in front of the entrance.

It looks like Rhys on the right in his BL3 attire ( vest rather than jacket ) and possibly Fiona in a longer coat, and it appears still a hat of some sort?

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That would be my read too, along with a higher level of detail in the graphics. I will be watching this one with interest.

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I think it’s been confirmed that it’s at least focusing on new main characters. I’m not surprised but I’m still disappointed that they don’t seem to want to actually pick up any of the tons of loose plot threads still hanging off the series since TPS. And a Tales game would be perfect for wrapping some of those up.

Although after they simply killed off Cassius and the Children of Helios, ruined Vaughn, and ignored Aurelia’s character development, maybe it’s for the best if they stay away from Athena and Fiona and Sasha and other characters I like.


IIRC although Anthony Burch was involved in the original, the writing was mostly done by TTG staff. It would be interesting to know who had their hands in the script this time around. The only way this style of game works is with a solid story line.


I wonder who they jobbed it out to with Telltale gone.

Who’s that?

Telltale Games - the original company that made TftB. My abbreviation - sorry (and also confusing because of Tt Games of LEGO fame)



You mean I typed Telltale and then immediately asked you what TTG is? Wow. I need a nap.


I have to honestly wonder who’s even the targeted audience for this:

The multitude of fans who turned their back on the whole franchise, after how Borderlands 3 turned out?

Even the people who like BL3 admit that the story is ■■■■. I can’t see these people buying a game that is missing the shooter looter gameplay.

The Telltale fans probably won’t get it because… it isn’t a Telltale game.

The new younger audience from Wonderlands? They won’t be interested in an interactive movie.

The people, including me, that hope for a return of Fiona, Rhys, Gortys, Loader Bot are suspicious as you can see and probably would prefer that Gearbox completely stays away from their own characters, before they ruin their universe completely.

Also if it really concentrates on a new cast then the selling point of a TftB sequel is also already gone…

I would figure that even the people who like Wonderlands would be wary of a game that (and its sucess) relies solely on the story being good because that is all this game is, an interactive story and even if Wonderlands had its moments, they were still very thin and I doubt Gearbox can sustain that for a full 6-10h long game.

Not to mention the elephant in the room, the Coiled Captures DLC. Are we now supposed to pay 15€ for a single episode, will the whole 6h long movie cost 100 bucks? I already see them luring us in with exclusive items for Wonderlands. The season pass will probably be sold as a full retail game instead of the 15€ it was for episodes 2-5, for TftB.

Also keep in mind that even though it was critical acclaimed, mostly by the Borderlands community, this game was a massive financial fail for Telltale.


I hadn’t heard about that, so I did a bit of looking around. Found this quote in a Eurogamer article:

Not sure that sounds like a “massive financial fail”? I can easily see TftB not comparing to TWD in terms of sales - that would be tough competition for many IPs. Given the back-story of how the studio was operating, I can also see that senior management would have been very disappointed. But it seems equally likely to me that they were simply over-optimistic about the market for TftB in the first place. :man_shrugging: Kind of academic now. The original Telltale Games painted themselves into a corner where they needed another hit on the scale of TWD; I’d suggest that TftB was unlikely to ever be that hit.


Okay, that was a bad choice of words on my part. What I was getting at was that this game is very unlikely to sell anything close to Borderlands 3 or even 2’s numbers and that the original was already not doing exceptional and that was for a small studio, back then. So imagine what it would look like today, where every puplisher wants to hit several million sales.

Speaking for myself, I can’t see that this game would earn Gearbox alot. So the question, more to myself, was who do they think would buy this and is their expectation super low or way of the charts.

Also from the same article:

"In fact, it fell so short of expectations that its development was wrapped up by a “skeleton crew” who stayed extra hours as “a voluntary choice.”

Being around when this happened I can easily see that this was true. Telltale episodes on average took around 1 month to ship. With Tales from the Borderlands it got so bad that it took them a year to release the whole game.

Ep. 1 - November 25, 2014
Ep.2 - March 17, 2015
Ep.3 - June 23, 2015
Ep.4 - August 18, 2015
Ep.5 - October 20, 2015

Not only that but you could also tell. From episodes 3 onward, the episodes got more buggy, the choices were even less, let alone the actual playable portions, which resulted in the movie parts being so long for these episodes, that if you had do restart for whatever reason, you had to rewatch up to nearly 1h of content.

That was also around the time the cracks started showing for Telltale and it came to light they were being mismanaged. By the end when they got the rights to huge IPs like Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy they couldn’t even make those games look polished. I remember playing Guardians and entire scenes would lose their audio.

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Can’t argue with that. Although I also can’t help wondering how much longer megablockbuster sales are going to be a thing, especially with more people returning to work.

Agreed. I would ballpark it in the same sales ratio to BL3 as the original TftB was to BL2 at best, but given how nuts sales of BL3 were, I’d also expect that to be a strong overestimate. And now I’m curious how sales of TTW are going.


Not bad at all but I’m curious to see the 12 month performance shift stats once it hits Steam. I’m also curious to see total Steam vs Epic sales after each has had it for 12 months.

To parrot the preceding, TftB really made hay on the back of 2’s great writing. BL2 made a rabid fan base which catapulted Tales (to the degree that it could). How many people bought Tales simply because they wanted more 2 story (As opposed to enjoying the format for its own sake)? A game of its ilk is solely reliant on great writing and we haven’t seen great writing since the aforementioned.

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