Tales From the Borderlands Returns

I notice from the caption that the chart doesn’t include sales on Epic? So the statistics are going to be skewed in favour of full PC versus Epic PC exclusives.

Was there a closed meeting where everyone here decided that Tales From the Borderlands was not in fact a spin-off of The Presequel, and instead a spin-off of Borderlands 2???

If there’s one thing that would explain TftB not living up to Tell Tale sales figures, it would be the damage The Presequel did to fan confidence in Gearbox as far as Borderlands games were concerned at the time. Destiny became the go to alternative if people didn’t just go back to playing Borderlands 2 begrudgingly.

As bitter as people have been about the writing and bugs, there seems to be a healthy mix of positive and negative about BL3 compared to the landslide of gripes about The Presequel up through the far too late patching in the game’s life cycle.

I’m playing it because I’m dumb and I hope it’ll blow me away. Probably won’t because it’s post-BL3 canon but I feel obligated to as Borderlands was my childhood. I don’t think anything interesting will be done with the old characters so maybe the new ones have a better shot :’)

Though even if it’s good, what helped drew me into BL2/TPS/Tales were their specific writing style. Now Gearbox has a new team. I’m not a writer so I can’t give good analysis but there’s is /something/ about the older games’ writing. They brought me to emotional highs that BL3 (obviously), its DLCs, or Wonderlands never did. Like even in the good moments.