Tales from the Borderlands shift rewards

Hi, as you probably all know, Tales from the Borderlands was put back in the online stores yesterday. I decided to buy it because i wanted to play it and i wanted the rewards in the pre-sequel. But i still havent recieved any rewards so i was wondering: is it still possible to get them by buying TftB in 2021? Or do i have to just wait and hope they arrive some day?

PS: It also might be a shift problem, because i havent found a way to link my TftB to my shift account. I assumed it does that automatically since there isnt an option anywhere in the menu’s to log in to your shift account in TftB.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

It may not be possible, cause there is no shift in Tales anymore. Your best bet is to contact shift support directly.

Ahh so thats why. I thought it was weird that there was no sing of logging in to your shift account anywhere. I did already send an email to shift support yesterday, but i still havent gotten a reply.

Thanks a lot!!

While the problem is probably shift related, wasn’t it so that for some odd reason the rewards were tied to buying the season pass rather than the game itself?

Atleast I’m pretty sure I read several topics about this back when TftB was still normally available.

I think @OMEGA may be right - that certainly jives with my recollection.

Also just a heads up that SHIFT support may be slow in responding right now. The unusually cold weather in Texas has severely impacted GBX staff there - many of them have been without power for a week, and there have been internet interruptions as well. Basically, any business operating out of Texas is not operating as normal, even for pandemic conditions.

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Yeah thats true. Everyone was talking about the season pass giving the rewards. But im pretty sure the season pass means the full game, as in all 5 parts of the story. Because at first the 1st story part was free to download and unlocking the remaining 4 would cost money. But i do have the full game with all 5 parts so imo the rewards should still be available…

Also the situation in Texas bad right now yes, so i’ll just wait for now.

Speaking from memory the season pass was only for episodes 2-5 and the first episode being free was a promotion a little bit after launch.

I guess the re-released version is complete so because there isn’t a season pass you can’t get the rewards?

That is what I meant with tied to the season pass specifically because iirc it didn’t matter if you bought the whole package or bought episodes 2-5 each individually you had to specifically buy the season pass itself.

Yeah i thats probably true. But like i said, since you buy the full game, you should also be able to get the rewards in my opinion.

Yes you totally should. I think it was probably because you couldn’t buy the whole game back then? Seeing as only episode 1 was available and it took almost 2 years to get the other 4 episodes out.

They probably did it to encourage you to buy it, seeing as episodic releases are not very popular and were even less back then.

Still not the very best move.

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Well i did send a message to shift support. But looking at the situation in Texas right now, itll probably take a while before i get a reply. When i do get one ill post here for more information. Thanks everyone for helping!!!

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So im back with some bad news. After talking to someone from shift support, it came down to this: its not the season pass so no rewards. Just like we thought.

However, something else happend. Yesterday i got a random email from gearbox with a 10 digit code and i have no idea whats its for. If anyone has an idea, please let me know. Thanks.