Tales from the eridian slab not unlocking

Tried pretty much everything that’s been suggested at this point.

Deleted my character from the console, went into Tannis’ lab and clicked the hell out of the slab in there, double checked to see if I just happened to miss one, still the same thing.

I’m at 40/30 eridian writings and nothing’s happened so far with the achievement.
Friend who I’ve been running through coop with got his achievement for the slabs but then when we ran through to get all named locations, he never got his achievement but I got mine.

We both have 103% of the galaxy completed but the achievements are buggy as hell.
Anyone know of any fixes?

@kickopone I just spammed “interact” on the eridian slab in Tannis’ office and it unlocked for me, it’s the only solution I’ve seen online so I don’t know what else you could try.


Same worked after spamming tannis slab about 5 or 6 times.


Yeah, no clue why but that hasn’t worked for me at all.

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Did you get this to work? I had to quit/restart/spam. And then it worked. Good luck man :muscle:t3:

Nah, hasn’t worked what so ever. Hoping a patch comes out and fixes it.

spammed “interact” on the eridian slab in Tannis’ office
it works to me on ps4!

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I play on xbox one. And it happend to me too. I talked to tannis several times before i spammed the eridian slan in the office. It took some time. But it worked.

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So what happens when I spam the slab and my translator disappears? I can only inspect and not translate

I am playing on Xbox and both me and my coop player had the same issue BUT as you say we returned to Sanctuary. Spammed X on the slab (as long as it said translate and it got out the red tool to scan it) and it unlocked after about 4/5 scans

It worked for one person and the other had to quit to their own game and do it because it it changed from “Translate” to “Inspect” and the character was no longer getting out the red tool to analyse it

Spam tannis big slab is all i can suggest cos i had the same problem