Talking about Zane

I was just wondering if that since Zane is a Flynt will he reference the brothers? Preferably will he call people GRINDER like Captain Flynt. Captain Flynt is one of my favourite characters because he has some great lines.

Kinda doubt it since he was more Black Ops kind of guy and probably better educated than his brothers Captain and Barron. I know he’s got some dialogue where he talks about his brothers in one of the missions but as for the rest, we shall have to wait to find out

Yeah i’m Just hopeful because again Captain Flynt is one of my favourite characters as he is a great first boss and has some really funny lines. He probably the character I quote the most even tho there are characters I like more.

Honestly, this whole “Zane is a Flynt” thing feels like a tacked on afterthought (even if it isn’t) and I’m not such a big fan of it. It’s a background detail that just doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the character very well and it makes him feel less special (at least to me). Also, this makes Zane the only vault hunter with an assigned last name and that’s just weird. I’ll admit that this is a pretty minor nitpick, of course, and that I might change my mind about it once I see how his family ties are addressed in the game. It might still lead to some funny bits and interesting interactions. I dunno, I guess I’d just prefer the 3rd Flynt brother be another enemy boss.

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Low spoilers: there’s a quest in the game where names are talked about and I know Moze gives a very long full name (and FL4K talks about how they shortened theirs for convenience) so Zane won’t be alone in that regard..

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Oh, ok… That’s actually cool. It still makes the BL3 vault hunters different from the vault hunters in the previous games, though. But honestly, this is just a case of my personal OCD acting up, lol. I’m weird like that.

Aurelia Hammerlock.:slight_smile:


Oh, right! Good call. I had completely forgotten about her being a playable character. So yeah, there’s definitely a precedent for a vault hunter being related to NPCs then.


I’m actually really looking forward to playing zane. The only thing I’m not big on so far about him is that he has an Irish accent. It’s probably explained in the game but at the minute he seem so be the odd brother out. Also I would have preferred if he used to be a bandit king like his brothers but decided to become a VH for that sweet, sweet loot. Like how Krieg is still a psycho even tho he becomes a VH.

Can you find that dialogue? Was it in a video?

I absolutely LOVE the accent, the voice and the personality they went with, but everything else you said there is exactly what I meant when I said the Flynt family tie feels tacked on. He’s just so different in every way that I’m having a lot of trouble seeing him as part of that family… But then again, maybe that’s actually the point. He’s the rejected, long lost black sheep. That still doesn’t explain the accent, though.

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It was in a video recently when they showed the part Ice Cube is going to play. They used Zane in the video. I’ll have to look for it cause I don’t remember if it was GameSpot that did the video or IGN

IGN I CAN FIND IT. It jeeps popping up and I keep not watching it

I lied. It was mental mars.

I’m not gonna watch it because I do wanna be surprised later… And also don’t have this kinda time

Yeah the accent is the main thing for me that they need to explain just because that the minute he sounds more like a zaford than a Flynt.


He’s an Irish actor. And Ice Cubes character is hilarious.

They wanted a legit Irish voice to go with Zane and they guy who provides it is really good

See, if they said he was Mick’s brother that would totally make sense. But when they said he was a brother to Baron and Captain Flynt my only reaction was “Huh?”. I didn’t hate it or anything, it just seemed odd.

I must say tho spoiler leaks have become my bane recently. In that it’s a curse that’s super annoying but hard to resist. The worst ones the are the one that have possible major spoilers in the title/thumbnail of a YouTube video.

Who will be playing zane first and what action skill do you think you will get first? Also does anyone know if zane is the only one able to use 2 action skills or can every body use 2 but Zane can use 2 simultaneously?

Two at the same time. I’m gonna be the Clone and Drone type.


Ye I’m probably going to use the clone as well but I’m stuck on shield and drone since I don’t know enough about them.