Tally: Marquis: Cheesing: Put how many matches you caught them in

So far this morning among the 7 I had 4 of them was cheesing.

Pretty much everyone of them i see.

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At this point, it’s more rare to see them not doing it than the other way around. It is a reassuring sight though, when that is the case. Always good to see someone refusing to use the cheap tactic in favor of fighting the good fight.

Last night my buddy got a message from the opposing team thanking him for actually playing and not cheesing when he was Marquis. He knows about the exploit, He just never uses it.


Just like I stated in the “Please don’t play Galilea” thread. This comes down to a matter of personal integrity and ethics. I love playing Marquis but refuse to cheese head glitch or shoot the sentry from my sniper perch even if it could win us the game. Winning a game is not worth giving up my pride.


I have literally only had one match since I woke up this morning where a Marquis wasn’t using an exploit of some kind. I get sniping is a legitimate tactic, but when you watch as a character snipes your sentry from an area you can’t hope to hit them from it’s not quite the same thing.

I played with a dude last night in a group of 5, and as soon as we hurt their sentry once the cheddar began. They ended up winning because no one could stop marquis and afterwards the marquis sent me and the 4 other guys on my team a message that said
"Did you ■■■■■■■ really think you could beat us"
This has a happy ending though I messaged the 4 other guys to find out if they had received that message so we all reported him. This morning I got on with a message from another guy of that group of 5 saying " THANKS [gamertag] is banned for a month now and I know it was you guys who reported him"
… Listen if you’re banned for a month; then this isn’t your first offense, and also that’s just being unnecessarily rude unprovoked insulting others cause you had to cheat to win… So yeah screw this guy lol


Was this on Playstation? I wish we had a report button like that

Not to mention im sure its boring as hell just standing there shooting it too.


Nah Xbox

Battleborn has to be the game I’ve gotten the most messages from after matches, but 90 % are positive. Hate mail I just ignore unless it’s a bit unnecessary

Every game there was a marquis and every game they cheesed

I would like to stand up for all of us Marquis players who do not cheese! It’s not every single one, but I really do understand the frustration that we all have. My team lost a match the other day due to the cheese. It’s also leading to everyone being suspicious and expecting it. Sometimes you are just trying to snipe people on the opposite ledge and you miss, your shots going by them into the sentry shield. We had someone the other day we thought was cheesing, but quickly realized he was just pot-shotting a teammate up there, because it stopped as soon as our player moved down.

Either this fix or new maps can’t come soon enough…

Literally just won a Incursion match just now as ISIC. Our Marquis was only focusing on the sentry and killed the first one. All downhill for the enemy team. One of them left

To be perfectly honest, I’ve only seen my century cheesed about 5 times out of the 75 or so incursion matches I’ve played. Also, i often have the mentality, if the opponent tries to cheese my turret, my team will cheese you into oblivion, and make you lose faster than you could even bring down the first turret. That’s only happened once though, but has been threatened multiple times :slight_smile:

Its incredibly frustrating to see a marquis on thr opposing team. I love marquis and i play him A LOT but i refuse to resort to that cheap tactic. I’ve been picked up plenty of times by random parties because of how well i can play as him. With my regular party of friends when we see a marquis try to do tbis we make that marquis regret it and target him immediately. With the right gears and skill set up marquis can go down in the middle of the fighting upclose. Ive taken plenty of tanky raths and galileas on my own. When i see a marquis doing this it takes the fun out of the game for me completely. When ever im not the marquis on our team if we have a random pick him i tell the player to please play fair and not shoot their sentry. The games no fun when itends so quickly.

If I see a Marquis then there is a good chance they are cheesing but I have seen good ones that just help their team and not pull that BS.

Toby though, Its not cheese since he is quite visible doing it but every single toby I come across shoots the sentry , dont even bother with trying to help team or kill minions…

Lol I have seen that too when i am not quick enough to pick my character. I would do crowd control with my mines and do supressive firing without my shield and it looks pretty intimidating from the other end, lol.