Tank build opinions

Hi all,

i’d really appreciate some feedback and opinions on the build i am currently using and working towards.

Build Ethos:
It’s a shield tank build which will mostly be used for team play (occasionally solo play as well though).
Main weapons: Shotguns and Lasers
Shield: Aiming for a Reogenator/Adaptive Shield (currently using a turtle until i find better)
Mods: Golem Mods for the health regen and shield stats
Oz Kit: Juggernaught mostly

Here is where i am so far (level 39):

Here is what i’m working towards:

In my opinion, Welcome To The Gun Show is pointless unless you are using a COM that boosts it. I’d take those points out of it and put them into Rolling Thunder or Targeting Scope. Those skills are going to do a lot more damage than an unboosted WTTGS. Other than that, it is a good tanking build.

Here’s the idea i had, I don’t really like WttGS without a COM boost that much, as the bonuses are pretty Meh, I also slid some points to get escalation and Targeting Scope and I’ll explain why later i gotta go atm.

If you plan on tanking with turtle shields, 1 point in ER will be enough, since your shield won’t break often. Even with adaptives or the Reo, they won’t recharge fast enough to make frequent use of it.

You could take those 4 points and put them into Kinetic Armor for more health, which will synergize well with Energize, or go with supression for more DPS.

Also, I find Auxillary tanks redundant with Laser Guided. I usually put those points somewhere else. Escalation seems the most fitting substitute since it has a cooldown bonus.

Lastly, as was said, WTTGS unboosted is meh. Those points are better served elsewhere.

With this you’ll have every shield and health increase, along with some decent damage.

If ur going for shield and health increases going for a turtle is counterproductive especially for ER, I would go Adaptive for sure. ER only needs the one point because Willy has so many FR buffs that the extra pts are often wasted. Another option you have is to go after a WS cancelling OC tank spec focused on the doubled heatsinks bonus rather than energize. It also makes something like an Anshin Adaptive with high health and capacity more viable because a doubled heatsinks basically negates the traditional downsides to Anshin parts.

The build looks something like this http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/550510000505505010100055051511501/stegolem,auto (I cringe putting points in kinetic armor but max health).

Thanks for the info guys.

I’ve respecced to this now:

Used some golden keys and stocked up on shields and lasers and I’m seeing an instant improvement to both survivability and damage output.

I’ve also switched out the Juggernaught oz kit for a level 34 3DD1.E I had stored. Still keeping a jacobs shotgun for emergencies but i’ve picked up a corrosive blaster and cryo beam lasers for my go-to guns. looted a Min Min Lighter but not sure how good it is yet.