Tank yankers is Ghalt cheese city

@Jythri no ghalt allowed in tank yankers plz… people just cheese the whole time… melee only.

Do you know how long it takes Ghalt to kill Boldur, Shayne or Montana with his quick Melee?



Jesus h Christ. what an affront to the competitive community, in such a beloved and respectable game mode as tank yankers, wherein which many a legendary score has been settled in what can only be considered the pinnacle of competitive battleborn gameplay.

someone alert the media. this will not stand!


jokes aside, what the hell do you mean cheese?


They stand at the edge and pull u so that when u finally stop moving u just fall. For bolder and Shane and aurox it feels near impossible to put up a fight. I’m open to suggestions on how to counter… just seems like an untintend power imblance… that’s what cheesing is

Ghalt is by far the strongest pick in this mode, but the mode also gets old after about three matches, so it’s probably not a big deal.


this tbh.


This is my favourite sentence I’ve read on this forum in like a month btw


Fetch speed needs to be increased, for some reason they picked cooldown over Fetch speed.

like why not just reduce the cooldown a bit more for Shayne

im wondering why they chose to go for the shield regen at lvl 5 and the shield steal at lvl 4

Shield steal so Fetch is still a normal pull, lvl 5 decision makes no sense

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they should’ve just gone for the pull everything helix instead

Eh, I feel like that would have been confusing for non-Shayne players, and besides, it’d take longer to pull people in that way.

maybe but just think think of the sick one pull multikills you could pull off with it…

Monty or Boldur could dash away though before Aurox comes back for his actual pull to shayne

Ghalt could just hook shayne after getting sucked in, it would silence her

since when could any of that be done while you’re being pulled?

I’ll take everything doesn’t reduce pull time.

Fetch is a crapshoot anyway and the fetch everything helix has some issues. It feels less powerful like Galileas pull now compared to before. It seems like it would be a great choice but until fetch mechanics get a tune up I wouldn’t recommend it.

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He means if you are pulling one person it is faster with shield steal because he stops and returns on impact instead of going the full range or until he hits a wall like he would with take everything.

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So you’re telling me in Tank Yankers, Ghalt yanks a tank and kills them, therefore playing the objective of the game? Outrageous :scream:

In all seriousness it isn’t cheesing, it’s pretty much the objective. Best thing to do is to try and flank the tank yanking tank!

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