Tannis Background Theory [Story Spoiler]

Hey Guys,
i just finished the sidequest about Angels Childhood Memories and i just have the feeling im on to something. The Story is about how Angel (Daughter of Handsome Jack) discovers her Siren-Powers of controlling Machines and Electronics aka Phaselock <- the exact same Power Tannis has.
At the end of the Sidequest, you find an old Hyperion Sattelite. On its side is 4N631 (Leetspeak for Angel) and a Vaultsymbol. The exact same, that can be seen at the end of Borderlands 2.

So my Theory is: Tannis is Angel.

No. They both existed at the same time as different entities. Tannis simply has the siren powers of Angel because siren powers pass on to someone else after they die.

Funny, I saw that satellite at the end of the first Borderlands game, long before Angel was established as anything more than a rogue AI.

Unlikely theory, since Tannis and Angel had the original Vault Hunters working for their respective selves independent of each other.

Tannis literally says that her powers were a gift from “a guardian angel”. Given that we also know that sirens can bestow their powers on a chosen person, it seems pretty obvious that Angel chose Tannis as the successor to her powers, and they transferred to her upon Angel’s death.