Tannis on a giant fish?

So I’m guessing they left this out from 3 since I haven’t seen anything about it. Too bad it was a fun easter egg in 1 &2.

It’s there, Eden 6.

The map where you do the rogue site missions, I forget the name sorry

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Really?? Now I must find it! Thanks!

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I knew I read somewhere they didn’t forgot that one.

Ya… It’s there… Been shooting at barrels. haven’t got the sequence right yet.
Maybe someone here has managed to do it.
Well that was pretty easy to find…Enjoy

its there, but careful not to get too close to the edge since there are turrets there. I tried to get it going but i might of messed up the barrel order.

The sequence is in the spoiler forums if you need help. (don’t want to spoil it here)

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i looked up the sequence online. its just that i think one of the barrels didnt explode in time before i shot the others. so it just didnt happen. i could always go back and try. im sure there is a trophy for it, right?

Is this an easter egg in all of the borderlands games? I remember seeing it in TPS and thought it was just a one off funny thing

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It’s fun to try to spot the barrel set that will do this by keeping an eye out for it while perusing maps… like it kind of jumps out at you when you notice it. It’s less fun to re-run the map as many as 120 times to reset the barrels trying to find the one sequence that fires the egg. I found the barrel sets in TPS and BL3 on my own, but was kind of glad someone else did the heavy lifting of figuring out the sequence.

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Yeah it’s been in all of them, usually a good snicker. This one is the weakest entry of the 4.