Tannis responsible for Robot Revolution?

I haven’t seen this theory anywhere (I just searched), but it seems clear to me that Tannis is either responsible for, or complicit in, the Robot Revolution.
The key is in her intro cut scene. She has one of the brains in a jar radio dish on front devices that turns things into -trap versions of themselves.
This seems like just the type of device that Patty would like to create; disruptive, weird, and painful to others.
Did she create the devices, then enlist ClapTrap’s help in putting them in use?
Or did Clappy approach her to create these mind-warping devices?
I’m sure this has to have been discussed sometime int he last 9 years, but don’t see it.


Interesting… It could also be because she is collecting the parts, just like she makes the player go get parts for her.

I wouldn’t put it past her to be responsible, but what would her motive be? Even though she is crazy, she always has a reason to do what she does, even if that reason is insane


I think she’s just collecting the parts. Marcus’ intro to the DLC is pretty clear that ultimately it’s Hyperion’s fault for (a) turning Claptrap into INAC (or Fragtrap as he is in TPS), and it’s his advanced AI that goes rogue, eventually turning the local Hyperion troops and Bandits into zombies.


Let’s play it out;
Tannis originally showed up on Pandora as a research scientist (well regarded, apparently), and slowly went mad on the planet.
Her general motive in BL1 appears to be simply research and discovering things. Her connection to any ethical or moral objective to pure research seems to have been stripped away. She created the brain jars simply because she could. Alternately, she created them to power her doppelgänger, the robot she creates once you give her 1,000,000 clappy parts.
Move forward to TPS, and she’s gone farther down those routes. Her research and experimentation has led her to create the head/fish combinations in the Think Tank, this seems a direct offshoot of the brains in jars from the RR.
BL2 continues her desire to simply do things to do them. Her work in Digistruct Peak seems to continue her line of creating character modifications, now they simply 'struct in instead of having external attachments. And her observations during Peak runs are all about simply observing the process. It’s a side-effect that this area is a Raiders training area.

So I think it’s just all doing things to do them. I don’t think she has a broader motive beyond her scientific hubris.
Other theories welcome.


Those aren’t real - they’re constructs of Claptrap’s consciousness. Actually, Tannis isn’t real in the Think Tank either!


I can buy that Hyperion is behind the mess and clappy going rogue.
I still think that Tannis is directly complicit and either offered, or was asked by clappy, to help.
Without the various -trap enemies the revolution would have gone no where. The clap traps themselves are squishy, they would not have had a chance of success against VHs or the Lance itself without help.

Bandits in the Junkyard, for example, will attack clappers. -trap equipped enemies will not, That offers evidence that they’re connected.

Yes. But what would have been his motivation for generating this imagery?
Because he has seen it before in the RR. He worked with her on brain/head manipulation, so he expanded on that in his own mind.

Oh, and I would entertain the notion that Hyperion approached Tannis to help, and she did so to exact revenge on bandits and any remaining Dahl presence on Pandora.

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She has one of the

as seen here:
Subtitles are saying “Oooo, I wonder what this does!”. Of course she could be trying to deceive the players, but at the point we meet her in Tartarus Station the Robolution is already in full swing. So (to me at least) there is no discernible reason for the deceit attempt. She could just have hidden the thing under the table and the players would have been none the wiser.


as a motive would work. Presented with a science problem, I don’t think Tannis would care in the least who she might help with it, or what the consequences may be, if the problem is interesting enough.

And btw, interesting question


I’m slowly buying into this idea…

So Hyperion turns Claptrap evil(as seen in the last main game cutscene), and…

Sidenote here, do we have an overview of the different Claptraps in he story?
Is the ‘main claptrap’ the same throughout the story? Besides the generic ones in the rescue missions, we meet Tannis’ Claptrap in the “Not without my Claptrap” mission, Ned’s and Jackobs’ Claptraps in DLC1 etc etc - And is the original BL1 Claptrap the same in TPS and BL2?
If it’s in fact Tannis’ Claptrap that turns into INAC, this whole thing makes A LOT of sense!

Anyways… The INAC turns to Tannis to get help -trap-ifying old lost villians, she agrees, just to se if she can actually do it, and because she is lonely AF, so any kind of life around her is a plus to her. When she realises what a mess she has made, she sets up right OUTSIDE of Tartarus station(why outside, unless she wants to keep a distance, so they don’t fint out?), and ‘joins’ the good side.


Yes. Same one.