Tannis won’t talk to me

I am right at the end of the game, I just beat Troy and went into the vault and came out to get the “Talk to Tannis” quest and I can talk to the other two, but Tannis just won’t talk to me. I have restarted the game, restarted the system, done other quests, started the DLC and no matter what she won’t talk to me. Please help me. I don’t want to start her from the very beginning again.

I had this issue as well. I fixed it by starting to completing Childhood’s End side quest in Konrads Hold.

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Have you tried dressing as a chair or a mine cart?

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I did have the quest open, and I went back and finished it, but unfortunately that didn’t fix it. The “talk” comes up but she just looks at me. Lilith and Aya will talk to me but not Tannis.

I guess Gearbox doesn’t give a ■■■■. They have my money already so who cares, I guess.