Tannis's Fishy Shoulder

What does the text say on her shoulder?

Anyone? Guess I’ll look for some kind of screen recognition translator lol



The translator I found says it reads “Tongue Fisk”

I don’t know who to believe, must research this more…


Well, I gave you the actual characters. I can also tell you the transliteration from Chinese would be “jinyuu” and from Japanese “kingyou”.


Lol, thanks bub

That’s good. I think the next step in the discussion was going to be me having to explain why we don’t keep athelas at the House of Healing. If you don’t get that, don’t worry about it. I’m still wondering what a “tongue fisk” is, but I’m afraid to look into it for fear of Kingpin porn. :wink:

Good question. Well without looking things up I do know that, “to fisk”, means to refute.

So if we want to loosely translate tongue to mean, “something verbal”, then we could say “tongue fisk” means to verbally refute something.

I don’t actually know what the illustrator was going for or what the actual translation (if there is one) is. However Tanis does like to verbally refute everything. So my guess is atleast fitting.