Target Acquisition/Aim Assist on Claw Lunge?

Ever since Mellka was announced I loved her as a character, and her Claw Lunge especially. But now that I can actually play as her, I never want to use Claw Lunge. It isn’t that I don’t like it, it seems weak. As it does the same damage as all the other lunge attacks in the game (even more while envonomed), it isn’t the damage. I have figured out, at least in my case, it is me not hitting enemies. In PVE, I have hit around 20 to 25 enemies per match, which is not good considering I get around 180 to 200 kils per match. I was wondering if there was any target acquisition or aim assist on Claw Lunge to make it more effective. Sorry for the long post.

PS: This is also making the “Punching the Darkeness” Lore Challenge extremely frustrating to get.

PPS: Besides the small nitpicks that I have, I am loving the game and the lore.

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Unles you’ve got a large stationary target then yeah, it’s annoyingly difficult to land. Worse, I often find I’ve missed just enough to land next to my target but facing the wrong direction

Personally I tend to use the lunge as a finisher or an escape (point it up and away and you punt yourself in that direction). I found that doing capture matches really helped me in learning to aim it and you do get used to it (if enemies are too close and you think you’ll miss use spike instead, or just generally if both are an option I’d use spike first then float around shooting down on em).

Btw the lunge lore challenge is pretty easy to get solo on the second story mission, just make sure to grab the -50% cd on lunge kills and farm the spawns of the boss at the end. I actually did it on advanced by accident, which meant I had to poison the enemies first then use the lunge as a finisher while dodging painful fire, but it was good practice tbh

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I agree. Using it as a finisher or just a quick get away is it’s best use. 9 out of 10 times it’s better to keep firing from a distance or start right clicking for the extra damage.

As for the lore challenge it’d be easier as Brendon mentioned to do it with the faster cooldown. It’s honestly not something you should think about too much if you use it as a finisher. I did mine without really thinking much into it.

I think Claw Lunge’s best use is right after you use Spike, but not in the way you are thinking.

Too many people think the best combo is Claw Lunge into combat and then Spike. But you gotta try it the other way around, because it is way better.

Run into combat like a n00b with no lunge. Once you reach melee range, spike up into the air, look down, and lunge down on your foe’s head. It’s a wonderful strategy.

Run towards your foe spraying bullets, reload on their face for the venom, then spike into the air leaving the AOE pool below them. At this point, they’ve lost you, they have no idea where you went and are probably already looking for another person to attack. Lunge down on their head, shooting them with the wonderful blade ejection, then proceed to rip them apart with a full melee combo. This all happens in about 4-5 seconds and it tears up their health bar and disorients them fully.

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Any tips on how to aim the Claw Lunge properly? I got 60+ kills for the lore but they seem so random. Most of the time when I look at an enemy and lunge into him his HP stays the same. It annoys me so much.

If you’re going for the lore, just run through the Archive as there are many Varelsi that are very easy to kill. For actual kills though, I use it as an escape tool by Spiking up and aiming at angle, flying across the map to safety. (Or off the map in Echelon)

I got the lore yesterday, but it’s perfectionist in me that really doesn’t like a skill not working properly. And I would want to use it to deal additional damage too, not just to jump around (that I love a LOT).

Maybe the skill is bugged and it needs to be reported?

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I thought of maybe useing the iron sights (or known as the white circle or lines when your not aiming) to help aim your lunge