Target Banned - A (Mostly) Deande montage

(Deandes in crime ) #1

Wus poppin fam.

It’s ya boi Nemo Here with another quality montage, Here to bring a little spark of life back into this dark and desolate corner of the internet. Like seriously, i don’t ■■■■■■■ care if it’s a video of you eating a subway sandwich, just someone post something maybe once or twice a month!

Moving on! Please hold on for this brief release from the tedium of your everyday lives (unless you work for LEGO, that’s the antithesis of drudgery). thus just so happens to be my longest montage to date. It also happens to hold the position of being the final montage I will make, though that isn’t to be confused with my final work on this game. I might have one more thing up my sleeve depending on how the servers hold out, alongside my interest in the project that is.

As I’m sure it could be construed as sad that this is my final montage, I have made sure to put my heart and soul in this last one. Every drop of mental energy went into harnessing the rudimentary video editing i have learned over the past two years to deliver something, that at least to me, speaks volumes of my time in this game. hopefully i’ll be able to evoke a similar feeling in you.

See, in addition to being my most complex video work to date, I have changed up the theme significantly. What was once a shrine to my own glory in digital warfare is now (mostly) a memoir to those amazing times that I, and all of you, have had over the past two years of being in love with this game. Alas, as time goes on the prospects of reliving our glory days in this game fade away, not unlike the stars we desperately try to save. We all still have our friends, locked away on our friends list no doubt, ready to jump back in for the sake of nostalgia, or just to reminisce on a legendary past at little more than a button’s notice. But it won’t be the same any more. With each passing day I witness the degradation of the very fabric that held our past together. Severs now struggle to work, people leave, segmenting of the community into smaller and smaller fragments is ongoing, and uncouth behavior is rife through both the pubs scene as well as the “competitive” 10s.

That said, I felt it was time to pay homage to what was incontrovertibly a life changing experience. And not just my own experience, but everyone’s. We are now a family, and I have a feeling we’ll be together for many years to come.

Many times I’ve witnessed what I would have thought were inconceivable acts of kindness between some otherwise complete strangers on the internet. People started coming out with real name requests, and Facebook friend requests. We know what we all look like in real life from family photos or selfies taken. I’ve known people who’ve met in real life because of this game, and maybe a few who’ve found a slightly deeper emotional connection. And one of my closest friends even offered to give another one of my closest friends his old PS4 via mail when, during a change of residence he became separated from his console.

I truly do feel for this band of badasses and legends amassed over the years. You all hold a special place in that heart thing humans are supposed to have of mine.

So in honor of our past, and our future, I give you my duct taped together collaboration of kills and clips: Target Banned - A Deande montage.

Many of these clips hold sentimental value to me and the other’s in them. A few of them probably aren’t technically montage material, yet they were necessary. If it doesn’t make sense as to why it’s in there, don’t worry, it’s there for a reason. I promise.

Now fam, join me in the house of Target Banned. Put down your quarrel, take a load off. And most importantly, meme dankly.

Enjoy :ok_hand:

Fam shutout to @blainebrossart1 @Phoenix-2613 @vagrantsun @Garrus_Sniper (who would have an into if he didn’t quit =p) @Supernovasnipe @lemuren97 @Ashbweh etc. etc.

Go in peace fam. I am now out of new trick to show, new skills to learn, and clips to crop. hopefully it has been a fitting send off to my series.

Take care.

Nemo, out.


(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #2

That was great. Too bad it’s the last one, but am looking forward to the other projects for sure.

Love the use of the player intros on their respective mains as well. Might steal that idea for a similar montage as I’ve been somewhat itching to do a “Best of” myself :wink:

Regardless, here’s to the servers being restored to a respectable state in a fashionable time frame to prolong the experiences, continuation of the projects and gathering of more montage worthy clips so hopefully you can make another one :heart:

(Deandes in crime ) #3

i really dont know if I ever get enough clips for another montage, never mind being able to get clips that would top these. After a point, it’ll start to get stale. BUT! i will use any added clips on the other thing. just gotta finish up a writing project first before we can get started. could be a little bit though, fair warning.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #4

Man this has been a nostalgic video. I remember a good portion of these.

Good work Nemo. I’m glad I met all you crazy guys even if I don’t play much anymore.

(Deandes in crime ) #5

Fallout 76 my d00d. We’ll kick ass together again

(Penguin connoisseur.) #6

Yeah… Aside from the RP community the Battleborn section of the forums is pretty dead… It just about breaks this Finisci’s diminutive heart… :disappointed:

Anyways, i don’t have subway, but i DO have tacos! Those are kinda like sandwiches…

Oh, and that was a pretty neat montage, dude. Seriously. I’m glad i’ve run into you very little over the years…

(Jennerit Supremacist) #7

Btw nemo. Mind if I post a couple related clips I have here after I get off work? I probably won’t find another time to use them.

(BM tutor) #8

IKEA eyeballs have made a triumphant return.

(Deandes in crime ) #9

By all means. I’d love to have some from other’s perspective

(Jennerit Supremacist) #10

I’ll never live that down, will I?

(Jennerit Supremacist) #11

Sweet, let me just finish moving my coke the the inner city area and I’ll upload them

(Skenners) #12

13:28 a sight I’ve seen a hundred times

(The Title Master) #13

Damn I felt bad target banning you once, but I did it twice? Shame on me :confused:

(Deandes in crime ) #14

Ah you’re not the first. As you may know getting target banned is kinda a thing with me

(Vagrantsun) #15

There was no moment ill spent in the company I have found here.

You do fine work, Nemo, and you are one of a handful of people I’ve known that has made me a better person through the knowing.

To the fam!

(Jennerit Supremacist) #16

Here you go fam.

This one doesn’t have much game play, just us talking ■■■■ on Garrus’ last day.

(Deandes in crime ) #17

Oh man the feels. I should just permanently stream from now on

(Jennerit Supremacist) #18

Found one more.

(Ambralia Claudia Divia) #19

I’m a simple gal, I see Ambra. I click.

Nice vid btw. :heart:

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #20

When you can play Dragón like Deande;