Target Banned - A (Mostly) Deande montage

(Deandes in crime ) #21

Too bad we got ■■■■■■ that game =p


A few seconds into the video and already curious how long it took until you got a copyright claim on it? :smiley:

(Deandes in crime ) #23

What you mean? For the music? I credited the artists and I’m not profiting from the work. Besides I haven’t received any notifications on any copyright infringement and my video still seems to function.


I had one video when it only took like 15 minutes until I had a notification on it that it has been monetized against my will because of the music (even with proper credits). Never was brave enough after that to include something like Bon Jovi. :wink:

(Deandes in crime ) #25

Ma boi Jovi and I go waaaaay back. He’s cool with it :wink:

(Augustus Benedict) #26

Is Nemo retiring as well? And I missed out on an intro?

■■■■ fam, feels

(Deandes in crime ) #27

Not retiring per se, just letting the inevitable decline do its thing. If it makes you feel better though I put a lot of clips of us in there. The double thrall thing was my favorite.

(Augustus Benedict) #28

I gotta watch it before work today then, double thrall? That one where we knocked a couple people off the cliff, taunted and their ambra did it to us while we were taunting (guessing before I watch the video)

(Deandes in crime ) #29

Watch the damn thing already! Ffs
But yeah it’s that clip

(Augustus Benedict) #30

Oi! Quit yelling at me you Canadian scrub, drink your Maple Syrup and calm yourself. Now the question is…do I buy and re-update Battleborn, just to get Nemo to re-upload this video so I can have an intro?

evil chuckles, into evil squaking being heard in the distance

(Deandes in crime ) #31

That would be a lot of work to edit the thing as it is now…

(Augustus Benedict) #32

Just to put in the Dance 4 or Rocket-gurgitation

(Skenners) #33

Although I spent the majority of time playing against you than with you, you’re the only player than made me consider Deande to be a Toby counter in the right hands, which made me up my game.

Also you didn’t quit that time it was a 2 v 5 which gave me utmost respect for you (you probably don’t remember). I was a distinctly average Thorn in that match.

You are not a spineless mollusc and it is appreciated.

(Deandes in crime ) #34

Deande as a Toby counter. Ah yes, good times. But it’s really one of those “don’t try this at home kids” kinda deal. The lastest resort in the storied history of last resorts. Against a good team you’ll get dove and killed instantly if your team is not giving their 110% effort to keep them off you. The risk of catching a stun mine with the face is ever present, making the activation of blinkstorm the art of suicide via button press. Plus Toby tends to just boost away immediately after the burst dash so you gotta be a bit more sneaky if you want a kill.

But it can be done. Sometimes…

Even spent a bit of time 1v1 with vagrant to hone the technique.

But that 2 v 5, I’m guessing we lost. And that I was Deande. But no, I don’t really remember much. Though I do have respect for people who are willing to stick those games out. Unless we’re talking a player who’s worse than a bot. Then they should just leave.

(Wannabe penguin erector.) #35

Even when it doesn’t work out for you, kill-wise, i can confirm that you are still a major threat despite the risk involved. Whenever i see your team- whoever they are -start to push me a bit, i always think “ah, sh*t, Nemo is behind me with his ult, isn’t he?”, and there is palpable relief when i don’t hear the ult call-out. Only Deande who makes me nervous as Toby. :heart:

Which is not to say anything against you, @Phoenix-2613! I’ve just only ever fought you like, three times, as opposed to dozens against Nemo! I THINK YOU’RE AWESOME!!

(Skenners) #36

This is why stun mine>Slow mine

(Wannabe penguin erector.) #37

Yep, even before the skill damage blanket nerf made the gap between them even wider; but i’ll stay quiet and keep yet another thread from becoming a Toby debate, haha… The point is, players like Nemo are what made me switch mines.

(Deandes in crime) #38

It’s just that our time zones never seem to present any opportunities for us to face each other. Hopefully the upcoming league will though, I’ve noticed that you’ve been added to fox’s team as a sub. :wink:

If you don’t mind my asking though, how come you’re not teamed with Blu? Since you and a few members of that team were all in a chat together, I thought maybe you would’ve all decided to group up. Then again, it’s been so long since I’ve last spoken to anyone from that chat, so who am I to pry? :zipper_mouth_face:

(Wannabe penguin erector.) #39

Yeah… It sucks.

Sighs sadly. If i even get a chance to play. I work 12-hour days on the weekends and my days off during the week change as i’m needed, so my work schedule is unfortunately not tournament or event friendly. It’s why i’ve only ever offered to sub instead of join or create a team.

To be honest? Royboychipz asked me to be their sub a couple days ago, and i strongly feel that a free agent’s duty is to support whoever asks them first, just like in a draft pick. Had another team asked me to sub for them first, i would be subbing for them instead and, because i’m one of those people that take pride as seriously as it was in the 1700s, i will honor my commitment to fox’s team even if another asks me to sub for them instead.

Oh, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that you asked. Probably should have started out with that, haha… :sweat_smile:

Oh, and goodnight! You caught me right before bed.

(The MONTANA!!) #40

Decided to jump on Battleborn for the first time in like 3 weeks. Got drunk and did what I do best. Make bad decisions for the lulz. @Codarik