Target Self button for characters with abilities like Alani's heal

Probably is a good idea to have a toggle like Ctrl or Alt or something to target yourself for these kinds of abilities. Trying to look around look a crazy person to find a space where there’s nobody so you can heal yourself, then try and find where everybody is again is a bit of a pain in the arse.

I aim at the ground. You won’t find any targets there.

I was actually surprised there wasn’t a helix option like Renya’s that let you heal yourself as well.

But that’s what I mean, you have to stop looking at everything else and look straight down into the ground or up into a sky to pop a self heal. It can be disorientating.

In pve solo you can do that, idk if with more persons on the team you can.

It’s really awkward in the heat of battle. wish i could could tap dpad up or something.

Solo PvE is the only place Reyna can Shield Boost herself. In PvP, attempting to Shield Boost yourself just cancels the skill.

They really need to make it so you can Boost yourself if there are no viable targets in range. Kinda stupid that you can’t drop a shield on yourself if you get into a 1v1 with anything. Ambra, Alani and Miko (Biosynthesis) all have the ability to heal themselves But Reyna requires a friendly player to cast on.

I love Reyna, But they really need to let her Boost herself. And fix the insane halving of her already weak Pistol damage outside point blank range.

Especially on missions or modes where you have friendly minions on the field. They count as possible targets too.