Targeting issues for Zane's Clone

I just opened a ticket with Gearbox for potential targeting/line of sight issues with Zane’s Clone.

I’m assuming the Clone has a range of attack or specific line of sight that he targets when enemies enter that range of attack.

However, with bigger enemies or even flying enemies there’s an issue. He’ll only attack Graveward if he’s placed right under him. It’s an even bigger issue when facing Wotan from the Maliwan Takedown. The Clone will attack just fine during the ground phases of the fight, but once Wotan takes to the air or the platforms, the Clone will not attack.

Anyone else experience this or other examples of the Clone not targeting correctly?

I just got the initial response from Gearbox stating “go ahead and reboot your console and the let us know if it’s still not working”. :joy:

Yeah, there’s certain things that the Clone just doesn’t want to target. I think the issue with Graveward is basically his spotting range, my guess is that he only attacks when the enemies center of mass is in his range and Graveward is just so massiv that he’s usually too far away.

For Wotans better half I’m not entirely sure but I’ve noticed that he doesn’t seem to want to target enemies that got “summoned” are are still affiliated with another enemy, like Post Mortem skulls or Buddy System Drone, so it might be that.

Interesting, I didn’t think of it that way. That would makes sense. Hopefully there’s a fix because the Wotan fight is brutal.