Targeting reticle off center just happened

Hi Guys , BTW awesome game love it . Ya my problem is my targeting reticle went form centered to about 2 inches to the left. It does not make the game unplayable but it is annoying as hell and I want to correct it pls . It happened after a fight where I must have pressed the write combinations of keys on my keyboard to shift it over. So what is the keyboard command to shift the targeting reticle over pls , I know In fallout los vegas it was like hold down control key and use up arrow or something like that. Anyway any help would be awesome thank you >

mmaybe im tottaly getting this wrong but it might just be you got a weapon with more sway

nope not that, like I said ealier everything ran fine until one frantic fight that took place in casutic caverns where I was button mashing and must have hit the right combinations of keys to shift my targeting reticle around , ty for repling thou.