Targeting Suggestion

While this may not be a new idea, it came to me and I wanted to put it out there…

How many times have you felt like pulling your hair out trying to target a specific subsystem?

If you are zoomed out just a tad too far or have a bad angle, you could lose two bombers just trying to get the target correct.

How about hotkey subsystems targeting?

Regular click targets ship.

“E” and click on ship targets engines.

“W” and click on ship targets weapons.

… and so on…

A faster less intrusive way to keep your bombers working.

No more losing track of the fleet action to babysit a few bomber squads.

What say ye?

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Get back to me after a basic ‘G’ to guard actually works properly.

I would love this! It would also mean that not pressing a hotkey would guarantee targeting the ship as a whole (at least at a distance), as nowadays I find myself often selecting or attacking a carrier’s engines and having to re-do it. (It’s quite annoying)

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