Taser Vs. Fridgia

So, we finally have another decent freeze gun. How does it compare with the Fridgia? How many have switched? Although the lower proc chance is not negligible, it does have excellent precision, and it has a lot of base damage even for a blue weapon.

Depends who I’m using personally…

Melee Athena I prefer to have a Bladed Fridgia for burst freeze then Bloodrush…

While my Doppelganger prefers the consistent firing and accuracy of the Taser while digi-jacks explode everywhere

Still frigida, not even close. :slight_smile:
Taser would not even be no2
That would be the too scoops.

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This whole mark and qoute thing is awkward on mobile. But yes I absolutely agree. And I would add that the spread on the fridgia works very well for a freeze utility gun. Same goes for too scops aoe splash.

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Cyro Taser on Claptrap (BoomTrap) was pretty impressive to me. It might be the best pistol on him aside the 88 Fragnum. If only we can put luneshine on these blue uniques, shield bypass would be incredible.

I haven’t played with the Fridgia enough to form an opinion…too busy using IVF, Fatale and Torrent.

Shock tasar is the way to go, let the fridgia/too scoops/ice scream handle the freezing.

+1 for the shock T4s-r. Got a Redundant prefix on mine – works great on Athena for the shock proc’ing. In terms of cryo – also got a great Maliwan cryo blaster & can’t see going back to the Fridgia (though I loved the Fridgia at one point, long ago (normal playtrhough).

bladed frigida all the way for melee builds. It’s the melee version of the beehawk :smile:


IDK, Cryo Action Taser is instant freeze without having to deal with the firing pattern of the Fridgia, and you can simply crit shot everything with it too.

I used to be a huge Fridgia fan but my vote is for Taser between the two.

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Instant freeze you say? How high is the freeze chance?
It sounds like it would be awesome for Jacks.

2 scoops if you have AA, and Fridgia for everything else imo. Jacks doesn’t really benefit that much from the Taser except for it being hyperion.

What does AA stand for?

Absolute Advantage. One of Jack’s skills that gives him a chance not to consume ammo.

Yeah Absolute advantage. It gives you an 88% chance (at 11/5) to not consume ammo making this gun able to spam frost-balls-of-death over an entire map.

so where do I get this taser?

Fridgia is still very good for freezing, but the where the Taser excels in the the shock and corrosive variants.

I’ve got a corrosive one on my Jack and with AA you can just spam it at RK5 and Felicity like there’s no tomorrow. Same with the shock versions.

Taser is a very good gun, probably the best reward for the holodome.

no contest for me. ICY MOON OF MUNGO!!!

Mission reward for one of the early rounds of the Holodome or you can dashboard farm it after completing the Badass round.

Frigidia is better
And I cant compare to Two Scoops or Ice Scream as I haven’t used them


The T4s-R is quite good at freezing…and if you are looking for something to use pistol ammo to freeze…it is the best I know of. 24% chance and dat Fire Rate! I have a Redundant with a Bandit Grip and Yowser!!..it’s a Cryo hose!

On Wilhelm with a Cronicler of Elpis mod it is only very slightly inferior to a Frigidia and saves my SMG ammo for chucking my IVF

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If we’re speaking Cryo applicant with no regard of damage, then it’s
Frigida > Mining laser = T4s-R* > Two-Scoops = Excalib*tard > Freezeasy
in my opinion, if we count in user-friendliness.

Frigida + Ravager or Torgemada is the universal One-Two-Punch that works for any class.

* for dual wield Nisha builds, the T4s-R is on par with the Frigida