Taunt/Skin Preview Before Purchase

The title says it all. Before I buy a taunt I’d like to see exactly what happens. It would also be nice to include the ability to see the whole character model in a T2 skin (zoom in, spin around) before purchase.


Agreed. They’re way to expensive to be buying something without a proper preview. You don’t really know what you’re getting, especially on the taunts.

The skin previews are too small. The taunts need to be previewed before buying.


This is a really great idea. I haven’t checked the shop yet, but I would definitely want to see a preview before I bought anything.

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Yeah I agree with this 100%. There is absolutely no reason why this feature shouldn’t be included already.

Considering how grossly overpriced they are & the fact they were actually in the Beta before being stripped out this just reeks of dirty tactics for sneaky sales.

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If you’re talking about the new taunts, just go to the Appearance tab for the Battleborn that have them, and they’ll be in the taunts list. You can preview them.

If you mean loot pack taunts, then yes, I’d like to see those listed along with a description of how to obtain them.

Oh and the same goes for skins. :wink:


Are the skins and taunts out yet? I just checked and the platinum is there but nothing else? Checked a few individual characters and there were no new skins or taunts

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Yeah, I can’t find any new skins or taunts… :sweat_smile: Just the currency

If your game is already updated you should see them in the market-place. (Its on for me on XB1 already)

As @crimsonregret55 said, for a proper preview just visit the “Appearence” tab and you see the taunts & skins in the lists and you can preview them properly :slight_smile:


Yeah nope, nothin in marketplace other than the currency. Steams showing no updates either, even restarted steam to double be sure.

I can buy the Platinum currency, but nothing else :stuck_out_tongue: Have tried restarting my Steam multiple times, no download for BB is starting ;-;

Thank you, I feel foolish for having forgotten the appearance menu, lol.

Really strange… On XB just a window popped up automatically saying “synchronising data” or something and all was there… Hopefully everything is online soon, its always nasty when one platforms gamers have to wait longer than others.

Well at least they have them in the appearance tab. Haven’t checked but I’ll take yalls word.

Regardless though, they should be previewed right before you buy them. I shouldn’t have to go (not that I’m buying any of them ever) to a separate page before I buy something to get a preview.


Quite right, to streamline things properly.