Taunting after kills

Do you do it? Does it bother you when someone else does? I’m just curious as to how everyone feels about it haha. I’ve sacrificed my life just getting one in on multiple occasions (always worth imo). I think its a funny little tidbit that they added to the game and always awesome when you know someone is specifically gunning for you just to get you back. Makes for a nice little mini-game within the game.


I love taunting, especially as Benedict. I had a great taunt against an enemy Benedict, who shot triple Hawkeyes at me, and missed all three. I then proceeded to get the kill.

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I think it’s a great mechanic, but I almost never use it. When someone taunts me or one of my teammates though we target them and don’t stop until we get the kill. I think that’s kinda the point of a taunt lol, tanks taunt in RPGs to draw aggro and in Battleborn players taunt to do the same haha.

On the off chance that I do taunt however, I love Deande’s “Levity” taunt because there’s nothing better than playing peek-a-boo with the player you just killed xD


I’ll do it if it’s safe after the kill. They’re pretty funny.


I usually taunt after a big outplay. Rath’s one where he shakes his head is pretty hilarious.

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Played one game as Ambra where Gal spent the entire match trying to kill me. Never did, but once close to end game I got a kill on her ass and taunted.

It’s all about maximum salt gain at the moment of the taunt. I don’t do it if it’s someone I’m killing a lot already because anyone getting beat up like that feels ■■■■ enough. It’s the one’s that start thinking they’re hot ■■■■ with their sick plays; or just those who play Gal.

And I’m totally cool with people taunting me, even the ones that start thinking they’re people because they showed up just in time to get the last hit after their allies whittled me down. Kinda sad when people don’t stop to taunt even when they are perfectly safe. Makes me think they’re taking it too seriously.

Taunts are pure fun, should enjoy them.


I don’t do it and don’t care if someone does it against me. I’d prefer that they removed taunts from the game entirely because too often I see people taunting in the middle of the map on Overgrowth while being shot at. It’s more than a little frustrating when I put myself at risk as Miko to run out there and heal them, they get a kill, and then are immobile and unable to protect me for however many seconds it takes to complete the taunt.

I do it after I’ve dominated someone, or after EVERY kill as Toby. Nothing brings out the salt better than his default “You’re trying your best!” “Better luck next time!” etc ad nauseum


I usually don’t taunt unless

  1. It’s safe (to the best of my knowledge)
  2. I get a kill on somebody who has been annoying me the entire game.
  3. I get a kill on somebody using the same character as me.
  4. Revenge for a fallen ally.
  5. And if I just pulled a really close kill/outplayed somebody.

I don’t mind being taunted. Unless I get taunted by the same person who has been killing me all game, then it starts to get to me slightly. lol


I only taunt if the taunt is inherently rude or actually a taunt, like Phoebe’s condescending laugh or Cald’s sarcastic clap. Then the taunt really burrows in deep.


I like the idea of the taunt and I feel like I would do it if I outplayed someone and it was safe, but I’ve always found that there’s something more helpful I could be doing and don’t think I’ve ever done it haha.

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I kinda feel it’s fun in the right circumstances. If someone does it after a cheap kill, ganging up on me, or every single kill I find it irritating, but if someone is playing a good game and we had a good fight then I think it’s cool. I tend not to do it often though.

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I don’t mind taunting so long as the person that taunts you actually deserves to taunt you.

Get out played by a crafty stealthy Oscar Mike? Good to taunt.
Galilea stuns you, casually walks halfway across the map and kills you? Yeah, no.
ISIC pulls a nice overcharge into overshield turret mode ad effectively 0 health? ■■■■ yeah, go for it.
El Dragon claps you to death? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.
Whiskey Foxtrot keeps knocking your ass off of him shile setting you one fire? Hells yeah, upside down push-ups.
Marquis kills you in any way outside of a 360 no scope cross map bindleblast? No.

Incidentally, I only ever get taunted by El Dragons, Galileas and Marquis’, but I’m totally not biased.


Taunt all the time! It’s zee best!

My favorite taunt so far, fighting against 3 enemies in one of the small hallways of overgrowth. Me and a buddy take them all down but suddenly I die out of nowhere. Camera zooms in on a thorn around the corner who stops almost mid run and does the wink at the camera taunt. I nearly spit out my drink!


I do it after a 1v1 or if I kill my counterpart (If I’m Reyna and I kill a Reyna), but typically I don’t do it to somebody more than once during a match. You have to be a bit careful with Reyna’s taunt considering it’s SOOO much ruder than most of the others lol.




I LOVE Reyna’s Countdown taunt. Best taunt ever.

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I only do it when it was something pretty cool or totally just outplayed someone. Or the rare revenge taunt.

Only time I get annoyed is when the person like barely did anything just cleaned up a kill and taunts. Or when they use a super easy ult, cough rath cough, and proceed to taunt.

Doesn’t bother me but just makes me go “really dude?..” and proceed to make them my bitch the rest of the game. Taunting every opportunity I get of course.

Lol that’s awesome. I like ambras throat slitting one cuz it zooms in really close.

I kinda wish my Attikus had a ‘choke’ taunt or something lol with his giant arm. About to get his 15 and it’s not necessarily bad but it’s basically his original with one ground pound before it. I want something a tad more rude for when I kill people cheesing with Gal and Marquis