Taunting after kills

If you buy Jennerit packs, you can get “Deadly Neurotoxin”. Basically, he farts a lightning cloud. It’s pretty funny.


I’m kinda surprised I haven’t seen this one used much (maybe since it’s a rare drop from UPR Loot Packs and that Whisky Foxtrot isn’t played as much).

It’s just so filthy you kinda just want to save it for that one jerk who’s totally out to get you. I haven’t played Whisky Foxtrot yet because I played Oscar Mike first and I am rotating factions and character types (currently doing Toby), but when I get up to WF, if you are a jerk, definitely expect some tea with your re-spawn XD


I rarely taunt, but I do think they are pretty awesome. I had one match where I killed a Kelvin player 7-8 times I think, after the 3rd or 4th he was definitely gunning for me and ignoring everything else. I taunted him after every kill at that point.

Lol. One of my favorite parts of taunting.

I think they specifically designed Toby for taunting. They gave him the best taunts + a giant shield to protect him while taunting.



I employ the old “tea bag” rule. If someone taunts me , I’ll do it back…I also taunt when I’m dominating another Rath player :laughing:.


I’ll do it if it’s safe generally, as it’s all just a bit of fun!
Sometimes I’ll risk it and die though, if I appear to have a nemesis within a game that enjoys doing the same to me…
And sometimes, I’ll flip the bird to my tv if taunted at… You can’t see it other player, but it ain’t gonna stop me, haha.


I tend to taunt if the player taunts me first after killing me. Or if someone has been hunting me whole game (Ambra against Galilea, Oscar Mike against Whiskey) and I manage to kill that person.

Used to taunt a lot in the beginning but since I have experienced several deaths in mid taunts, I tend to avoid it now.

Well, yeah, it’s funny. And the only way to communicate with the enemy, hah.

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The only time I taunt as Marquis is if a melee character gets up in my face and I outplay them enough to secure a bitch-slap kill. For most characters, I only taunt when I play against their hard counters and defeat them in a 1v1, mostly.

First time I played Coldsnap:
No Idea where everything is, but I was 1v1 against a Montana (as Thorn) and I’d gotten his health down to verrryyy little. He ran, I chased.
He ran all the way to his spawn (twists and turns), and I keep shooting until I realize he’s behind a shield. Im like wtf, turn around to see three turrets wrecking tf out of me.
Just as my HP goes out I turn to see the Montana still standing there.
Slapping his ass.


theo nly reason for taunting is you either know them or its shutting down someone

Dude…sucks that that happened, but its hilarious. “Someones been bad”. Hahahahahahaha!

I can’t tell you gow many pesky Marquis have ran behind a force field wall and taunted me. Drives me nuts. But its pretty funny too.

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You think you got away at low health…and then suddenly…Kleese master laser snipe.

queues up dancing taunt


Better believe I taunt the hell out of people, even died a couple times for doing it haha.


Same here, I’ll usually try to get to a safe spot but sometimes it’s just worth dying for. I love the taunt system and try to taunt whenever I can. I even enjoy being taunted, although I don’t think people taunt me enough.

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I’m old school. I forgot it’s possible in game and so if my team isn’t talking, out comes my taunts nonstop to whoever I’m fighting. Only works when I’m playing Caldarius though.
"Hey Ambra. Hey. Hey. Over here. You know you want me. Look I got a melee hit on you! What you gonna do about it?"
Caldarius is sooo easy to trick enemy players into traps with.
Ohhh and chasing players down?
"Haha, Phoebe, look at you! Guess what! You’re going to die! No, no, keep running, I’m having fun! Just remember that you only think you’re faster than me!"
You have to be VERY aware of your cooldowns though, as Caldarius. Must be in control of the situation.
I had my team laughing quite a bit last night. I’m not even aware of what I’m saying at that point. I really get in the zone. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to do it but don’t do it often, it’s usually not safe. That said, I love to do Montana’s “Inappropriate Gesture” taunt and I get bonus points when I get attacked while taunting, yet don’t die. Pretty sure I was driving some of my enemies nuts that game.

Shayne & Aurox have the best taunts though. THE. BEST.

I’m really partial to Caldarius’ camera kick, and a few days ago I saw Rath’s violin which is perfect.


The only time taunts annoy me (and pretty much anyone I’ve ever partied with) are when some player picks a fight, is going to die, 2 or 3 of his team pop in out of nowhere to save him, and he gets the final hit. Yeah, if your team needed to bail you out, you really shouldn’t be taunting. I mean, do you always hide behind big brother after talking s*** on the playground…?

Otherwise, I love taunts. Why I go all tryhard-into-epic-failure mode and MANTANA thumps me into embarrassed humiliation… yeah, it’s funny. I’ll also never begrudge anyone a taunt when they finally make a comeback kill on someone who has been dominating them all match.