Am I the only one who would rather be tea-bagged than taunted? Seriously, some taunts are just completely rage enducing and I guess that’s the point but still. I actually find tea-bagging hilarious but when someone goes out of their way to taunt, mid battle when I almost killed them…FOUR times in a row…it makes me want to uninstall -_-

I don’t know, maybe it’s because it feels like people make a mockery out of your effort. Oh, you tried to do your job and take me out so the team could progress? Haha! Eat this taunt! Oh? You tried again? Taunt! Taunt! and Taunt! :D. And then you just feel like an idiot -_- Yes, it’s a game, yes, it’s just a gimmick, but it makes a mockery out of effort. But obviously there are times where a taunt is necessary. If someone foolishly overextends to kill one player, knowing they shouldn’t have. Someone trying to backdoor etc.

So, my point is…does anyone else feel the same? Some people say they don’t care but I guarantee at points, when you get taunted, you can’t help but feel…hatred towards that tiny penguin…

Edit: this isn’t a dead serious post, more of a vent and to see how others feel about being in the same situations.


I avoid over extending and sticking around with low health like the plague, so I only die when it’s a really stupid mistake. At that point, I actually say, "Yeah, that’s fair. I deserve this."
So tbh, I understand where you’re coming from and imagine everyone can probably relate, but me personally,


Yes it is rage inducing. But that is the point. In the moment I am usually upset but afterward I don’t really care.

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Taunt every kill or die tryin’.

Doesn’t matter if you did only 40 points of damage for the kill. Even the best people get mad at being taunted.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I write to you with good will and all sincerity. It’s a game. Don’t take it so seriously. If you haven’t already, by the end of the day you probably won’t remember their name and they certainly won’t remember you. So don’t let it get under your skin because there are more important things to be pissed about.




First of all, any Toby taunts are beyond reproach. Especially if it’s his “aw, shucks,” taunt. Just so cute! I find it takes the edge off.

I am with you on the second part, but I wish I had your discretion on the first part. I overextend WAY too much. “I’ve still got 213 health! I’ll be fine! And my shield will be back in like, 4 seconds. No worries!” (dead.)

Seriously, I’m that “this is fine” cartoon dog while his house is burning down.


I think taunting is stupid, but the part I don’t get is where you’d rather be teabagged. Really? Someone dropping their balls on your corpse is somehow less offensive than any of the taunts in this game. Mmmkay.


Because they aren’t literally rubbing their balls on your face, they crouch rapidly in a way that causes their character to look ridiculous. It’s even funnier in certain games with a killcam. Teabag before the kill, the pre emptive teabag. I don’t take it seriously, because it looks stupid. They made the effort to make rage inducing animations that you can’t skip here in Battleborn, that’s what’s annoying.

The only taunts I don’t mind being taunted by are Miko’s. Miko is respectful towards his slain enemy, even when taunting. Mostly.

I don’t get taunting, I suppose. It’s time spent doing nothing. If I kill a guy, I wanna be right on to the next thing, whether it’s shooting something, building something, or grabbing shards.

The legendary running back (American Football) Jim Brown, who held the league record for touchdowns for a LONG time, said of the tendency of modern players to overly celebrate after a touchdown (paraphrased):

“You scored. Act like it’s not your first time, and you intend to do it again in the future.”


I might watch more football if the players did OM casual as hell taunt or gimme three taunt after a touchdown


I don’t taunt very often unless someone’s being disrespectful themselves.

Like the guys who have been getting ruined all match and then catch you the one time you overextend and have to feel like a big man. I’ll make sure I taunt after I kill them whenever feasible after that.

Or sometimes I do it when there’s some back and forth, if someone taunted me for a perfectly normal kill, I’ll return the favor.


I suck with Toby. I’ve only played Toby several times recently to help people with Ernest lore. If I can kill you with the penguin that I’ve only played literally 2-3 times then you bet your ass I’m going to taunt! I think it’s an unwritten rule that every Toby player has to taunt every kill lol. I do tend to taunt when I play characters I’m not familiar with or just straight up suck at playing. I guess it’s more for my own enjoyment because as far as the enemy knows, I could be a master of that character I’m playing. Oh, and WF’s tea ceremony taunt must be abused. Hell, I’ll spend more time randomly taunting on the battlefield instead of actually fighting/shooting


Taunting is awesome.
When i get killed im WAAAAY more mad about getting killed then wether they taunted or not.

Being killed, I shrug it off most of the time and just say “whatever”. Worst case scenario, it angers me the way I died and how I could’ve stopped it, but the taunt is the cherry on top of the rage cake.

I like it. It gets me more motivated to kill that person who taunted me. I don’t taunt too often less I really enjoy the taunt (any of Toby’s) and want to show it off. If someone kills me and taunts? I’ll make sure to taunt after every kill I get on them afterwards. Its all in good fun anyways.


Some taunts are funny and sometimes its all about the circumstances. But when any thorn or ghalt taunts its annoying. PLAY A REAL CHARACTER, THEN TAUNT


I might be a dick for this, but every once in awhile I’ll pick someone on the enemy team, and every time I kill them I taunt them. Every time. But only THEM. I like to see if I can get into their heads through the course of the match, and usually it works. You start seeing that person get desperate and play worse… it’s kinda awesome in a sadistic sorta way :upside_down_face:


I see what you mean by motivation, but sometimes that motivation can cause you to prioritise that certain player and ignore others who could be higher value targets. It can also be rage induced motivation, which is the side effect of most taunts shoved in my face :sweat_smile:. That kind of motivation gets me killed even more. And taunted even more…:uninstall :cry:


I’ve got to side with @studdugie on this; taunting shouldn’t induce rage. I’ll agree that some character’s taunts CAN be frustrating, and that they’re probably trying to play mind games with you; but if you let yourself get angry, and keep dying as you attempt to kill said person, then that’s on you for playing into thier hand. 90% of the taunts seem to be designed to be funny anyways, and more for the enjoyment of the user than the person who was killed. I actually love it when i get taunted by certain characters, and just shake my head and laugh quietly when a person who i’ve dominated FINALLY gets a kill on me, then dies to get thier “revenge taunt”. Just take some deep breaths, maybe do some “ohm mani padme hums”, and you’ll be fine!


Now that I think about it, I hope no one on the forums sees me on PS4 and knows exactly what to do when they kill me :scream: