[TAW] The Art Of Warfare

TAW is not having this game in the ranks… I have moved from this and made a clan called TFB

There will be a TAW meeting that will be tomorrow 21.02.15 time 2200hrs GMT time if any new members would like to come send me a txt on steam and I can then give you the password to TS3. From tomorrow new members will be able to join TAW for Homeworld

Steam name: Mack221

The meeting is tonight when the meeting is over new members can join TAW for Homeworld

We are now open all new members like to join TAW for HW go to www.taw.net

of those 2.6k how many are actually active?

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That’s down to the game, when I was in War Thunder I had 157 members in over 3 battalions and I would have about 9 inactive a month so we would send out an email. If we got no response back we would remove them but the SO and DI would get in more members so its up and down all the time. In Heroes & Generals I had 120 members at one time and all 120 members were active, but at the moment the community stands at 2569 active members so we have dropped some members in the last 2 weeks but they will get replaced soon enough again. This will fluctuate as this is over 30 games and members come and go all the time.

We have 3 members that can do MOD`s for games night. We are looking for more members that can do this?

im looking to port over HWU to hw 2 RM when i finally get a pc that can handle new games, my pc atm can only handle 2005 era games lol, sad face +(

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Well we are happy to have you if you like to join us

lol im already part of TFL been a member for years.

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Ok all the best with your new PC

We at [BRIE] unilaterally declare war on [TAW]. Your self proclaimed superior team working skills shall do little to stave off our superior knowledge engines from discerning how best to subjugate you.

Our fleet commanders shall be ready to battle yours next week. We look forwards to harvesting your tears for our cheesey coagulation efforts. Contact us to arrange a precise time and date.

this sounds like fun count me in this war of yours when i get my new rig up and running. I so want modding tools to port homeworld universe over and play as the progenitor fleet.

Upon whose side?

lol im TFL

We at [BRIE] are open to discussion of a loose alliance to combat the menace that is [TAW].

I will fight for whoever pays the most. You don’t have to be big to make an impression just feared. The old 414 Clan had 4 members period.

Thanks for all your messages. War has been declared and it will be good practice for our new members, but no challenge! We are going to love taking you as our prisoners but lack the facilities to hold you so we may as well kill you instead.

We are growing now thanks to the DI`s work. If you like to join or come in to TS to chat let me know

Not long to the game out. All members in taw come on to TS for some games :slight_smile: