Chomp’s damage is also dependent on the target’s own max HP. It does 15% of their max health as bonus damage. Ernest had a piece of max health gear on and Benedict didn’t. Benedict also has a lower health pool so he would be taking less damage from Chomp.


Yes, chomps damage is very weird. Lol

I just try not to focus on the damage aspect of it as it does so much more than deal damage.

I fear one might die from an aneurysm trying to figure out chomp damage.


well, his mutation helix IS based on his HP, however, the default skill already has damage based on enemies max hp, so no matter how much health you have, youll still likely be doing more damage to tankier enemies than squishier ones.

There’s a thread with an indepth guide to how chomp damage is calculated here.

As far as I know the information is still correct