TCH29.2 Glorious Massacre support machine gun bug?

Hello there i got problem ive looted 5 days ago Purpule colored TCH29.2 Glorious Massacre support machine gun.

Everytime i reload this gun hands while changing magazine dissepear and magazine appears in gun itself
I tried other support machine guns and they dont have that problem.

Maybe my brother something mess up while using Willow Tree?, because he said to me he added 10 free iventory slots.

Glitch reload animations would suggest a hacked gun. That’s my guess. Maybe he did a little more than he said?

Thanks for reply, maybe your right, but still i dont know how fix that.

Okay- nor do I.

But if I move this thread to another section, someone might…

The people here have made mods and weapons for borderlands, they might have more insight.

Keep it clean, folks, and help this guy? Pm if you need to.

I would second this honestly. Every item has a item grade, and it might happen to be that this rifle got the wrong one through 3rd party methods. Someone who plays on PC needs to confirm this however since I speak from my experience in BL2 where weapons show the wrong animation when the correct manufacture is not assigned.

Done: This item clearly misses either an “Item Grade” definition or a “Weapon Type” definition, which both, in their subroutines, decide what type of animations the gun-type they represent needs. What you see here is the standard “model” reload (basically nothing).

This item is by game standards ill-legit.

To fix the problem go to WillowTree and insert the following dataline in the “Item Grade” section:


And the following in the “Weapon Type” section:

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Chuck it off a cliff that will fix it.


Added but still bugged, i guess gonna sell it or :slight_smile: drop away someone durning boss raid.

Then someone screwed up with hex editing I’d presume.