Teach me how to foxtrot

I’ve found some good info on helix and gear but is there anyone out there that has some good insight into tactics with Whiskey? It would be cool if there’s somebody who is really fluent with him that could maybe run some story with me and kind of mentor me in how to use him.

Not sure if I can mentor without a mic, but I can at least give you some advice for schtuff:

  • Whiskey has pretty solid range before damage falloff takes effect. Space people out, and don’t even bother getting close to people that can meet or surpass his damage. This goes for melees, and ranged characters who don’t get great range (ex. Caldarius’s gun gets affected by damage falloff pretty quickly, so if you space him out he can’t do much).

  • Play around with Helix 3 & 4 to see what works for you. ‘Scope vs Sights’ is mostly personal preference, but can also help some matchups (Scope helps deal with ranged opponents, Sights helps you kite melees) Grenade is also debatable; Triple Threat is the popular option, but I still have a soft spot for Stick N’ Sap; one grenade with Napalm has enough AoE to cover most of a wave anyway, and the extra damage on shields helps your Assassin/Skrimisher game.

  • Be aggressive with your positioning; Whiskey has old-school FPS mechanics, but the fact that there’s really no instakill Snipers in this game means you can take high ground in lanes & force people to try and approach you.

  • Control Combat Rhythm with the little guys; especially in PvE with Primals & Shulks that get wrecked by 1 burst on crit. 25% is a massive damage buff, especially during Overdrive.

  • Whiskey hits his stride around Level 5-6; use buildables in PvP to reach that point as soon as possible.

  • Use your range to play around the outskirts of the fights; your burst delay means you can have a hard time in close-quarters shenanigans. The escape strategy of ‘Quick Melee -> Sticky Slow -> Turn & Run Like A Screaming Coward’ works great if one guy gets in your face, but if a team gangs up on you your escape is limited. If you start losing health and you know the enemy still has a decent amount of health left, back up and let Killer Regen do its job.

Hope this helps!


Whiskey’s the only character I can think of that isn’t great until you get his mutations.

If you play him right, though, he’s the best character in the game.

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He’s one of my favs. The one thing I can say is that don’t let other people’s helix choices make you decide how to play him. The best thing to do is try to understand why they chose them. Napalm and the 3 shot grenades is pretty much the only 2 that are needs.

Play aggressive, or defensive solely on your own play style. Play your game how you want. Not how you think others want you to. Practice practice practice.

But I want to kill! Alot.

Just kidding. Thanks for the feedback.

You really think so?

Killer Regeneration and Napalm are effectively mandatory.

Fortunately they’re his first two unlocks.


I finally got him mastered and got gun grease today. I would just like more insight on how to work with his playstyle I guess. I’ve improved a little. I’miss planning on practicing with him alot in the near future. Hopefully I get better.

Gun grease is awesome. No fancy passives just a fat boost to your rifle efficiency :slight_smile:


I don’t consider myself a GREAT Whiskey Foxtrot (outside of PvE, anyway), but I have talked with some guys who are really good with him. A big thing is controlling engagement range.

Whiskey isn’t beefy enough to survive getting rushed by brawlers, and his hitbox is big enough that snipers aren’t going to have too much trouble hitting him. He also doesn’t have a true “escape” move. Flak knockback can be useful and his quick melee is great, but he still has to beat feet out of any engagement he doesn’t like. There’s no Stealth, Clothesline flyaway, Sublimate or anything like that which can save him.

So when Foxtrotting in Battleborn, as you would on the dancefloor, be mindful of where others are.

He also wants to build a lot. He’s got a real lull in his damage layout in the early-mid levels.

Note: when Foxtrotting, sauteed and stuffed mushrooms are an excellent hors d’oeuvre to serve to your teammates. Scrap Cannon’s inherent Wound slows down Biosynthesis, Slow Sticky can handle Miko’s escape speed, and that big mushroom shaped head just loves taking bullets three (or four) at a time. Whiskey loves the crits.


Absolutely, his default kit is kinda meh, but the healing, the napalm, the shield pen, with the exception of shield scrapper and mirv, they’re all must haves, and the ones that aren’t are based on personal preference anway! Granted, shield pen is a tad situational, but still! Super rad!

And, also yes. He can be infuriating to play against if the player is skilled enough.

You wish to Foxtrot? You’ve come to the right place.
You see Whiskey Foxtrot is my spirit animal. I hard main Foxtrot. As in I basically only play Foxtrot to the point that my play time is at least 70% Foxtrot.

When you Foxtrot in PvE you shoot everything in the face and win, Take Flak Off, Scrap Bank, either scope (preference, I like Red Dot), Sticky MIRV or Triple Threat, Health Regen, Napalm, When Three Isn’t Enough or Duct-Taped Mags, 8 and 9 are preference, and Overoverdrive.

You pretty much aren’t going to die if you can manage burst damage. Even if you do take a ton you can get it back fairly easily.

In PvP: Your primary goal until level five, and to an extent six, is to stay on the field at all times. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are filling whatever role your team needs and not getting killed whle doing it. Whiskey Foxtrot’s greatest strength is his sheer flexibility. Destroy minions, absolutely SHRED Thrall, harass enemy Battleborn, break turrets, provide back up. Run away if you have to. Don’t try to go all in for kills if it isn’t necessary. Risk taking is one thing but overextend ion is not worth it. You are OM if he wasn’t an idiot. Whiskey’s kit and utility emphasize that. Do. Not. Die. It’s very difficult to kill Whiskey because he can stay out of an enemy’s range and still deal damage or even get out of it. He can compete with whoever he wants to.

If you are going for utility: Left, Right, either but I prefer LLeft, Left, Center, Center, Left, Left (I think, spread shot), Left (I think, go cooldown), and Right (Overoverdrive).

If you want to play as an Assassin: Left, Left, either, Right, Center, Center, preference, Spread shot, Stronger Stickies, Overoverdrive.

You are guaranteed to do health damage from the sticky bomb on any target with 300 shields if you choose Stick N’ Sap. Weighed Down makes it harder for them to run and Swiss Cheese lets youtear into their health. The napalm is basically just for the added DoT because the other options aren’t useful.

Remember if you’re going to kill a target with Overdrive activate it OUT OF SIGHT BEFORE YOU GO IN because the animation is so long. Hit them with a sticky bomb and unload. This is true for either setup.

In either case once you hit five and get killer Regen you will almost never have to recall or need the assistance of a medic. Yes, it’s that strong. Six pushes your wave clear up dramatically and gives you controlled area denial. More so with Triple Threat and Mirv but you can still do it with a single Sticky.

Remember, Foxtrot makes tanks s*** themselves with Overdrive. They don’t get to dodge the bullets. Anything with a large hitbox will regret stepping onto your cranky old clone lawn.

You do not need to use Overdrive to get kills. It works just fine to destroy something quickly or to scare off pushers from the sheer damage output.

Stick bombs are best attached to any priority target. Doesn’t matter who. Squishies running around freely, tanks in somebody’s face, melee targets, who cares. That slow is incredibly strong tactically and lasts for three seconds.
Napalm and MIRV or Tripe Threat allows you to shut down sniper nests or force pushers to take damage.
If you can attach all three you can ruin somebody’s day. The slow lasts as long as a grenade is attached and TT or MIRV is a 50% total damage buff compared to a single sticky. Add in Napalm and you start wondering why anyone says the Sticky Bomb sucks. Even if you don’t land more than one it doesn’t matter because the slow makes them easier to hit and harder for them to chase or run from a teammate.

AI’m for critical hits whenever possible. It’s difficult for me on Console in PvP but your DPS skyrockets if you can land them.

Use Reload, attack damage, and attack speed gear. Alternatively critical hit damage, skill damage, and survivability gear like health and shields.

No matter what you should run his Legendary (Galahadric Gun Grease) because of the sheer usefulness to WF.

Hope this helps.

Be advised: He. Is. a. BAD@$$!

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Hey do you mind if I add you Salk in or are you on pc?

I am on Xb1 but I haven’t played BB in a while. I have a bad habit of binge playing a new game almost exclusively after I start it, that being Overwatch.
That and I’ve been craving new PvE content but alas, there is none.
Not that I don’t find the game fun.
Then again with all the comments I hear about Pendles I might not have fun…eh. i’ll see.

Pendles is not that big of a deal. He’s a pain if he has a good team around him but the same can be said about everyone else.

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I will say whiskey is a pretty solid pendles target if your positioning isn’t good

Hm. I don’t know if my positioning makes me more or less prone to Pendles’ ambush attacks. I am often alone but close by so that I can keep an eye out for flankers. I’m so used to dealing with flankers that I have honed my fleeing instincts.

Well I’ve been having more success staying close to allies with Whiskey. I’m not sure he works well off on his own as it is. Unless you’re talking about getting thrall.

BTW Whiskey with his legendary + attack speed buffs with helix and gear and standing by a power egg is ALOT of damage output fast.


I’ve been maxing/mastering each character and now it’s time for Whiskey.

At first, Algorithm, I thought this was going to be a nightmare, but as he got gooder, wow.

Some of the forum peeps and myself just did a bunch of advanced missions, one of them was Helio Adv HC.
I didn’t have high hopes but OMG it was no problem with Whiskey.
Matter of fact, ranged, taking out the guards was the fastest I’ve done it with any character, up close or ranged.