Teaching Developers how to Develop Games

6 Rules of Game Development

  1. If it aint broken dont fix it (Powerful is not Broken)
  2. Fix sh1t that IS ACTUALLY BROKEN (I.E. Bugs and glitches)
  3. USE COMMON SENSE AND STOP NERFING SHlT (Buff stuff so people actually can challenge their build ““IF THEY SO CHOOSE TO””)
  4. Let people decide how they wanna play the game (people spend a lot of time optimizing builds while still managing a life and a job so having to spend more time farming is just going to make people stop playing all together)
  5. Keep it simple stupid (stop over complicating your thought process just because you think you should change something)
  6. Focus on introducing new content instead of screwing up the current.

Thank you for sharing your vast experience in the games industry.


Oooh another face from battleborn… I think you’re the first I’ve seen post here

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I’m sure the GBX dev team will read this and rethink every decision they’ve ever made.


I think there’s a few of us still kicking around, not even including the mods.


Lmao of course Slif_one has to post after me just to show I’m wrong :):sweat_smile:

I don’t recognise your name? :open_mouth: :frowning:

Been a few years so that’s probably a good thing lol. Have no idea if we generally agreed or disagreed so better fresh

Are you on PS4?

@Genericktag are you?


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Xbox for me as well.

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Ah well. I’ve seen Genericktag around here for a long time, sorry that I don’t remember you Keadron :sweat_smile: Nice to remeet you :joy:


Sorry but the absolute majority, if not all, of those nerfs were desperately needed. They’re in this for the long haul, it needs to be more balanced.

I know, right? I’m sure they’ll get right on this now that they’ve been educated in the proper methods for making games. There’s nothing like an arrogant poster to get things rolling in the right direction ya know. Not to mention that everything mentioned here has already been mentioned, but hey, saying it again just means it’ll get heard, right? Right?

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You say long haul like BL2 wasn’t beloved and played for 7 years… I’d argue overly balancing things in PVE games makes them sterile and boring. To each their own obviously so if you disagree that’s cool I respect that, but BL2 is a clear example of this not needing to be the case in order for a game to last.

I wish bl2 recieved the balanced this game has. It quite literally wouldve made the game even more fun for me and I still enjoyed bl2 without them but I didnt rely on the top gear threads and just used what I liked but that gear paled in comparison to top gear. Now with bl3 gear is being balanced to help promote underused or underpowered gear and toning down overpowered gear. There will still be top gear for each character but more variety too


This “argument” has been going around here for weeks, almost word for word. That’s the most boring and stale thing on these forums right now. I wonder how many people actually came to this conclusion on their own? I suspect most are just parroting what they saw on reddit or heard on some stream.


u skipped one

  1. test ur own game before releasing it.
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Not sure where to put this, so I’ll start here. It’s about change. Two problems I see are , I can only create one character pf each class, as such you can only create 4 characters and lack of storage space. Possible solution.; Make it so you can create multiples of each class. Keep the cloud saves at 4, giving the player the choice of which character to save. This solution would give us more characters and more space. What do you have to say about this?

You should be able to make more than that. Just change the name of the character. Bank storage right now would be a bit of a problem, but hopefully GBX already had plans to provide additional storage upgrades down the road (much like they did in BL2 and TPS).

If for some reason you literally can’t create two characters of the same class, post in the relevant tech support section.

Otherwise: this thread is not really about Loot and Weapons, and there’s certainly no shortage of the same topic in General Discussion so…

Closed. Conversation will reconvene in an existing thread in the appropriate section. Ta muchly!