Team balance issue

Normally levels wouldn’t be significant in MOBAs but here it signifies characters with lots of mutations and/or good gear. If neither applies it still holds an advantage with experience. So seeing a team of 1-10 vs 20-30 usually results in the lower level team leaving. I wouldn’t be posting this if it was a rare occurrence, sadly this happens a lot.

24 / 63 / 74 / 39 / 11 vs 14 / 4 / 8 / 19 / 13

35 / 15 / 26 / 36 / 38 vs 14 / 2 / 7 / 29 / 9

I use to see this happen fairly often, but as of today the teams have been very even based on levels.

I had 3 games where the average level on both teams was very similar, around 30-40 usually. It was rare to get players that were below 20 or higher than 60, unless they were in a party.

The first picture was taken 4 hours ago. They could be in a party but I see this happen enough to assume some of them are randoms.

There is skill based match making its just not based on rank

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Currently there is just random matchmaking.

They have an ELO system in place right now. They said it takes about 10 matches until it starts pairing you with ‘like skilled’ players. In an interview they said they were going to tweak the way it works for the extreme high and low end. Not sure if that was part of the hot fix or not.

To the OP. Command rank has nothing to do with pairings whatsoever.

ELO, skill…whatever it is it’s really out of whack after the hot fix. After the hot fix I played most of the night and only 3 matches went the length and even then it wasn’t really close. Was playing with a couple friends and largely got matched up versus people who were not partied together and in way too many instances didn’t even hit level 10. I know levels don’t equate to skill but come on, give them a break.

The matchmaking needs help, I don’t want to play versus people that low because I don’t want them to hate the game after just getting obliterated. I want to see them enjoy the game as I did, and that’s just not going to happen with the way it currently is.

I sincerely hope at a minimum that they think about a mercenary playlist just so people that solo queue will be matched up versus others that are in solo queue’s as well, that way they don’t get paired versus those in a party. Just some wishful thinking.

Love the game in any case!

I have to agree …
With lvl 50+ me and my pal are usually among the highest ranks, yet we often get the second highest 2 or 3 players (lvl 30-40) matched with us and face enemy teams with ppl not even at rank 20 in the very same match.

Sure this does not guarantee a win, but more often than not it turns into some kind of sealclubbing …

Currently its only like :
Steamroll the opponents or get steamrolled. I remember it was different during beta. Had a lot of great matches wich just endes b4 timer ends or have been won/lost by player score.

Today you often dont hit lvl 4. Most the matches end way to fast to get further. If your team is loosing/killing the first sentinel within the first 4 minutes the opponents surrender or lose the 2nd one within the next 4 minutes.

There is no ballance today