Team Building Philosophy/Theory by Icy X (WORKS!)

Hi everyone. I’ve taken notice with my experience with Battleborn thus far that how your team is built (Attacker/Defender/Support ratios) effects your teams balance of offensive and defensive strength. I have come up with a formula based on the idea that the more balanced team you have, the better. Yes, it is true that ultimately it comes down to skill/experience to determine how well you and your team does, but I find it true that having a balanced team vs an unbalanced team can give you an advantage.

It’s rather simple…

Attackers = +1 to Attack
Support = +1 to Defense
Defenders = +0.5 to Attack and Defense

Team Example: 3 Attackers, 1 Support, 1 Defender = 3.5/1.5 balance (A/D) with a ‘True Defense Strength’ of 3.

Your teams Defensive ratio you multiple x2 (double) to get the teams TDR (True Defensive Rating) and compare that number to the opposing teams Offensive ratio.

Example: The above 3.5/1.5 team vs. 2 Attackers, 2 Defenders, 1 Support, a 3/2 team
With TDR’s
Team 1- 3.5 Offense vs. 4 Defense -Team 2
Team 2- 3 Offense vs. 3 Defense -Team 1

What is shown is that Team 2, the 3/2 team, has an advantage that translate into Team 2 in theory would be harder to push back thus Team 2 would have an easier time keeping map control. The reason why is because Team 2’s Offensive force can match Team 1’s Defense, but Team 1 would have harder time pushing back Team 2’s Defense. Now with that said, it does not mean Team 1 has no chance, because ultimately it comes down to skill, experience, and team work for who wins and who loses.

So far this is a working theory and philosophy through all the testing I’ve been able to do. According to this system, the best teams are the most balanced teams. So try going for 3/2 or 2/3 or 2.5/2.5 teams are the best (2/2 for 4 vs 5).

2.5/2.5 teams, the perfect balanced teams do really seem like the best team builds. There are only three ways to do so however.

1- 2 Attackers, 2 Support, 1 Defender
2- 1 Attacker, 1 Support, 3 Defenders
3- 5 Defenders (Yet to be tested, but everything thus far checks out.)

I wanted to share this with the community so players have something to systematically look to too help with team building.

Edit: In addition to clear any confusion… What about like a 5/0 vs 0/5 team (all attackers vs all support)? Just thinking about this hypothetically, that would mean a 5 offensive vs overall 10 defense right? Yes but it is an even matchup actually. To check to see which team has the true advantage, just double the Offensive ratio like you would the Defense ratio and, compare all with the doubled numbers, and find out which team percentage wise has the bigger difference. So the 5/0 vs 0/5 scenario, to keep this short, is Team 1 with 1000% Offense vs 1000% Defense.

I didn’t want anyone to think Support characters would just dominate, because they wouldn’t.

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What? Why?
A good team comp could consist of 5 straight attackers or 1 attacker with 4 supports, or anything in between. There’s no math, just understanding how champs mesh.

I dunno, this is a decent concept in general, but I think it over simplifies it. Especially in this game, the “roles” of characters are fairly wishy-washy. For example, Ambra is listed as a healer, but her healing skills aren’t very good. She really gets played as sort of a brawler. But she also supports if she uses her sunspot well… Then there’s Alani, who’s bending roles even further now that she’s out.

Then there’s the fact that certain characters don’t mesh as well as others would.

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Exactly, another example is Thorn. She’s NOT a sniper. And Alani, she’s meh for healing at best.