Team class mod abilities of note

What are all the team class mod boosts available in the pre sequel?

For example, I think “Jack” has a “+team shield capacity”

Continuing the discussion from Handsome Collection 4 player couch co op:

Athena has a team cooldown rate.
Clappy has team health and ammo regen (different COMs).
Wilhelm has +Team Shield Recharge Rate, -Team Shield Recharge Delay.
Aurelia has Team Health Regeneration.
Nisha’s the odd woman out in that none of her COMs affect her teammates.

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Jack has Team Accuracy and Critical Damage (CEO), Team Max Health (Role Model) and Team Shield Capacity (Protagonist). Because he’s unselfish and wants to inspire his teammates.

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No, he wants to stay alive. :stuck_out_tongue:

ha thats what i did back in BL2 with Sal for his ammo regen mods when i wasnt playing as him!

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Ok. How about this configuration.

Split screen in one Jack and two Wilhelms. Team Shield Capacity. Team Shield Recharge Rate. And Team Shield Recharge Delay.

Or two Lady hammerlocks with Team Health Regen. And one claptrap with Ammo Regen.

In addition to 8 pets potentially drawing aggro and doing all the fighting :wink:

Okay, how about the health stacking group? Four Stampeding Brotraps all high fiving each other.

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don’t forget to contract up with an aurelia!!! awesome bonuses!!!

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And it all depends on who you’re running as the main profile here. Lady hammerlock could certainly enjoy some team health regen and/or shield help, for example.