Team comp with most rounded matchups?

I am bored as **** and eagerly awaiting le Battleborn.

Here is what I think may be a team comp with the most rounded matchups with respect to ‘counters’ (not that any counters are particularly ‘hard’ in this game, but anyway):

  1. Caldarius. A good Caldarius, from my experience in the CTT, counters every melee character. With the strafe-jumps, Caldarius can move backwards faster than the melee characters can move forwards, while shooting. All he needs to do is constantly boost backwards while TMP’ing them in the face. If the melee characters get sick of this and try to run away… too bad, Caldarius is faster. Once I worked this out, I never died to Rath or Phoebe and treated them as free kills. The only risk here that I see is Galilea, who can stun Caldarius from range and take down his small health-pool very quickly.

  2. Reyna. Reyna’s priority-target/homing plasma cannon-thingo counters every uber-mobile character (and characters that try to go invis and run away when low on health). Caldarius? No worries. Benedict? No worries. Benedict himself can also do a similar role with his homing rockets, although I believe the initial rocket is harder to hit than Reyna’s priority target.

  3. Toby. His lvl 3 helix skill ‘targetting overlay’ enables him to see all invisible enemies. Thus he is able to counter Oscar Mike and Deande. Toby’s range may also make him plausible at annoying enemy Marquis’, Benedicts on high-ground, Whiskey Foxtrots etc, though that remains to be seen.

And now for ‘weaker’ counters:

  1. Deande. Doesn’t really ‘counter’ anyone like the previous three, though I believe Deande should prove exceptionally useful at assassinating enemy Mikos due to invis and burst dps. And virtually every enemy team will have a Miko.

  2. This slot is fairly open. Miko or Ambra would be an obvious choice for support/utility, Galilea I believe is fairly capable of dealing with anyone, and if Toby’s ranged dps is insufficient, Marquis may be required to counter enemy ranged characters or Benedicts.

I’ve played Toby and I find that the Targeting Overlay helix isn’t very useful, I’ve never spotted a cloaked character with it and he’s currently my most played character and I’m command rank 70 on the beta.

We have been undefeated all day playing Montana, Marquis, Orendi, Whiskey Foxtrot/Oscar Mike and we have a random person who ends up picking Miko or Thorn.

We have good damage and decent tank regardless of the random, and if we fall behind early, Marquis and Orendi can keep lanes pushed out regardless of the enemy composition in my experience.

It usually ends up Montana, Whiskey and Miko in right lane and Marquis and Orendi pushing left lane incredibly hard and murdering anyone who shows up.

It has been working very well for us so far.

Keep in mind this was made before the beta :slight_smile:

Ahhhh stealth necro.