Team Composition game

Hey guys, working currently and bored so I’m making up a game we can play on the forums.

I will start with a character choice and a game mode, next person to post picks another character and gives a reason why they feel like that character would be a good pick for the team. This will go on until we have a team of 5. Once a team of 5 is created, the next person to post will start a new team to face off against. No same character on the same team.

First round will be Meltdown on Paradise.
My character choice will be Shayne and Aurox because they are my favorite character and for a first pick they are pretty flexible in what they can do.
Shayne can be a tank or assassin and has both melee and ranged attacks. The biggest downside they bring to the team is their Size, which can be a bonus for body blocking or taking aggro.

Team comps are as follows:

Team 1 is:

Team 2 is:



I plan on creating a vote for which team would win in a bit, wanted to give everyone a chance to give their opinions on which team would win and why before the vote begins. I get off work in about an Hour and a half, once I get home I will create the vote. Start posting your thoughts on which team wins.

Just got home
Before you vote, consider everyone in both teams have equal skill, no gear, and strategies you can use on both teams to win.

  • Team 1: Shayne, Thorn, Reyna, Rath, and Melka
  • Team 2: Tobi, Orendi, Caldarius, Montana, Miko

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Thorn because this is meltdown and she is one of the best wave clearers, plus she can cover Shayne from a distance if need be.

Also at work and bored haha

Nice choice, Thorn is always a welcome member to almost any team.

Next you gotta have your support and my girl Reyna is the best she has a slow to make easier fetches and keep people in blights longer, she boosts damage on targets making it easier to focus enemy targets, she shields and heals (either at 4 or 1800 shards with legendary), and has a tactical dome.

Gonna throw out Rath because he has the CC for early game and when he hits 5 you get a free kill.

Snowballing is a must.

This is shaping up to be a good team…now only if I could get the randoms I play with to help me out with a team comp like this lol

Nice choices Guys, pretty Solid team so far
We have
Shayne - at this point from the team comp probably going to be tanking
Thorn - Great wave clear and ranged dps support
Reyna - Great in combo with Shayne and Thorn, Shayne has one of the highest shields in the game and with Reyna they would be almost unkillable and Thorn has HP regen so giving her a shield mid combat doubles as healing.
Rath - Great Assassin very solid pick and his pop-up can cover Thorn if she gets targeted. Having a large Character Like Shayne on his team means he will be focused on less setting him up for more consistent Ults.

So far this is definetly a team I cna see snowballing early game, with Thorn being the late game

Mellka for the 5th. Constant aggro to distract the enemy.

That is actually why I thought about doing this game on the forums, I was able to only play one game last night.
The first two choices on the team were Orendi, Melka (Me), third was Ambra, 4th was Alani, and the last was El Dragon.
I knew right from the start we were going to lose because of the team comp, we had 2 supports but no one with enough health to last long enough to actually get healed (El Dragon) or people who normally don’t need healed (Orendi and Melka). And Everyone besides me was in a chat room and partied up. I was like c’mon you don’t pick two healers once you have Orendi and Melka as your first two picks, and El Dragon although very strong attack has a really hard time staying in a fight after his abilities are used even with healing he is going to go down quickly.

Looks like i get to head the new team… Toby, eye chews ewe! Why? Lane clearing and minion protection wherever needed.

EDIT: Also, i forgot to mention he can hasten minions with his shield; only useful in Meltdown, go figure.

I like it, another Wily character that can dodge enough so that they don’t need much healing so Reyna can focus more on Shayne and Rath.

Team 1 is:

Lets now try to make a team that could give this one a run for their money.

First choice for team 2:

orendi so she can just melt those minions

Alright looks like we have a couple rogues on Team 2
Toby to perform some awesome lane defense, he can be act as an indestructable wall for an entire lane.
Orendi - one of if not the highest ranged DPS in the game, great at clearing minions quickly or helping to melt other players.

Let’s go with Caldarius.

Roaming around harassing players, and helping both lanes as needed. Good chaser as he can finish low health enemies as they run, allowing lane holders to do their job easier.

Flashbang for a little AOE and blind for minion waves.

Good choice, also works well with Orendi because this gives the team the two characters that have a blind attack which can keep people from escaping, and helps Orendi’s Shadow Fire Pillar land more frequently. He is a solid mid game character along with Orendi, and Tobi. Looks like this team is gearing for the long game over snowballing, can be a great counter to our first team.

Are we able to change our character choice upon seeing our allies’ choices (like in the game), or are we ironed in? I’m always willing to take a support when needed.

We will keep the choices for now because it is easier to for me to follow. After the teams are made I plan on giving everyone a chance to make their case as to why their team should beat the other, followed by a vote. If all goes well I might hold some more rounds. I feel like your choice was actually really strong, Tobi is a great lane holder and seems to go well with the other team members because they can move around the map to help him out as needed.

Oh, believe me, i know; i just figured that if no one took a support on my team, i would take Alani for CC and minion control, on top of decent heals; Orendi and Cal don’t need a lot of osmosis. Also, she could keep Rath at bay, and help Orendi line up a SHP with geyser.

EDIT: Take out the Rath bit, as i’m not supposed to know who the other team has, but still ASSUME they have a melee character.

I’ll play. Montana. Bringing a little more defense and a little more control into the mix plus he does good damage and is good at clearing Minion waves. If you know how to use him.