Team composition on Overgrowth

Need some help with team composition on overgrowth. I usually like to have a single support. 2 melees (one of them lategame oriented). And 2 DPS ranged battleborn (of course with some aoe to clear waves)

But lately we often encountered an enemy team with alani + 4 AOE-heroes (e.g. thorn, orendi, OM, (mellka or marquis)
it’s very hard to do anything against them. They clear waves so fast and you can’t walk anywhere without standing in some type of dmg. If you can’t seperate and lock them down with CC they are also extremely hard to hit and if they’re low on health they just run back to alani and come back with full health.

Do you have any tips to handle such a team? It seems to be only a problem on Overgrowth because there are many small passages you have to pass as a melee character. Most of the time we just lost because of the ranged harassment…

I find all of those characters minus mellka easy to counter as phoebe especially once you start unlocking mutations.
Team I think would counter well.
Then either your own Mike or Thorn for wave clear.

I’ve seen a few teams go heavy support with Alani, Miko, and Reyna, then 2 kinda tanky characters like ISIC and Montana and do very well. Really hard to remove with all that support.

Team comps go like this:

1 pusher
1 support
1 melee
1 tank (I mean the cc bots Montana, Kelvin, ect.)

Those are your four cores. You do not ever change this set up.

Then you have your 1 fifth slot player.

Gun assassin
Second support
Another pusher

Get my drift.

I played on a team the other day that was really well formed. We ran with Rath, Miko, Montana, Kleenex and Marquis and we rolled every game we played. I’don’t like to find some teammates on PS4 that were willing to run with 2 or 3 different main comps.

I’very seen some pretty vicious combos from opponents too. Played a team that used a Kelvin, Boldur and Miko in concert and it was pretty brutal.


Kleenex=Kleese. Autocorrect.

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And I WOULD like to find teammates.

The biggest problems I face are the stunning class + AoE class + healer.

So for example:
(2) Rath or Galilea / Phoebe or Deande / Kelvin or Boldur
(2) Thorn / Oscar Mike or Orendi
(1) Mico or Alani

When you have 2 lane controllers with single/AoE power attacks like Thorn and OM, minions are history as are Thrall & MX. Both have great agility around the map, and are excellent from levels 1 and 2.

Then you have 2 aggressors like Pheobe and Rath who will just hit you hard, stun, bang bang bang. Kelvin can just run through your whole camp stunning you, leaving you screwed. Boldur and Galilea will stand up against you, then stun you/ block your ranged attacks. So 1 of each.

Then you have them backed up with a healer whom will also slow you, stun you, damage you and help the pusher.

This kind of composition is a total ass to play against.

My personal feeling is:
Thorn is THE best lane controller. OM is the best stealth killer with THE best AoE attack.
Rath is the most aggressive Assassin, + any of the other tank/melee
Mico is best healer with a stun or slow

Without a front line class + healer, sometimes it’s easy to get pushed back. At level 5, Rath, Thorn and OM are the most powerful, and then can dominate with support.

Plenty of choices, but that’s what i’d role any day.

Eldrid. The Eldrid faction are a pain in the butt to kill. Thorn and Mellka have great wave clear through AoE slows and both and are very hard to kill, Thorn’s a burst/ability killer while Mellka’s a harasser/chaser. Kelvin also has great wave clear with his AoE secondary attack and insta-kill Chomp ability on minions, couple that with his stun/escape and health stacking it’s nearly impossible to 1v1 Kelvin. Boldur is nigh unkillable, he can harass a whole team and escape wuth his life. I tend to ignore Boldur, unless your team ganks him together he’ll just keep on surviving and if you’re baited into fighting him you will get dead. Then there’s Alani the CC queen, until her introduction Miko was the main healer in BB but now Alani holds that title largely due to her exceptional wave clear and CC capabilities where Miko is primarily a pocket healer.

Any mode any map, the Eldrid are a deadly faction. Buy Eldrid loot packs for max health gear and make them that much harder to kill. An all Eldrid team is a rare thing, but not something you want to go up against.

To beat the composition you’re describing I would go with characters with high levels of sustain, or high levels of harass.

As an example,

Kelvin + Caldarius can drive off a Thorn/Orendi early game and then take care of the minions at their leisure. The point is not to kill them, but to scare them, and push them back.

The whole goal is to keep them from feeding early on, as best you can.

If you let OM/Thorn get levels, then things will go badly very quickly.

I’ve had really tough times playing against teams who know how to harass. You can have as much wave clear as you want, but if you can’t stay in lane long enough to use it, it doesn’t matter.

Best comps in the tourney this weekend were one tank, one support, 2 range, one melee/skirmisher…so like Boulder, Ambra, Melka, Ghalt/OM, Thorn/Orendi

Kleenex was much more hilarious… just sayin’.