Team composition

How big of a role do you think team composition will play? Will it make the game develop a certain “setup”, resulting in cookie cutter teams, that can only be dealt with by counter picking? Was also wondering if there can be instances of an “auto loose” hero pick. Thank you in advance for the input.

P.S. How does everyone feel on the idea of a match making mode, where the teams were always rolled randomly.

Team Comp will be important. Not having any healers or sustain characters can lead to big problems holding/pushing objectives consistently. Having the team comp focus on CC can provide huge advantages in terms of Team-Fighting.

A meta will be formed, just the way a competitive game works at high-levels of play.

I was afraid of that. Might end up a no go after a while then.

25 characters at launch, 5 more in the pipeline. I believe you could eek out 2-3 different “roles” for each character depending of build, etc. That is still a lot of diversity. As well, you will only see that “Meta” being used at a high level plus high level players already can use any character in to a role anyways. Nothing to be afraid of. If a team comp is super strong, then balance changes get implemented.

No point in worrying about it now because it will be a at least a month after release of game before anything concrete can be formed in terms of a Meta regarding a Team Comp.

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It’s not so much the balance. As in other games, people will emulate the “best” compositions. Which will result in teammates telling you who to pick, or flaming you the entire match because of who you picked. It will have a high potential for a toxic community.

Then do not add to the Toxic Community. There is a chance of you dying every day, but does that stop you from enjoying life? If people want to be ***holes, let them. Focus on your own gameplay and what you have to do.

That’s true. But likewise, it wouldn’t stop people from ruining your game experience. Which I guess raises another question. Will they have some sort of mechanism to prevent feeding on purpose? And if someone is ruining the entire game for everyone for example, can people vote to kick them? Is there anything in place to account for that?

I would assume they will come out with a report feature eventually if it is not already within the game. Besides that, not much they can do. Trolls happen. Its why in a team-game, its important to play with people if you have the ability. There are more people out there that are nice and good to play with, its just that the toxic portion of the community is more vocal.

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You know, I’ll just give it a shot and we will see where it goes. It does look different enough to be interesting. Hopefully it will be unique enough to not suffer from the same issues as much.

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I hope that the game costs some money reduces the flaming of most people,
in many other games you can simply make an account for free just to troll others.

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Yeah, that’s a good point. If you get banned, that’s 60$ (or however much you paid for) down the toilet. It will make people think twice before acting like jackholes (yes, that’s a word now)

That is a valid point.

I wouldn’t accept it on scrabble.

Its Jimmy Kimmel’s production company.

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Unfortunately there is NOTHING Gearbox or any dev can do about that. Every game, Video AND Table Top, develops a “Meta” and there will be a “That Guy” as we call it in TT gaming in every group. “Your bringing a Broadside with a Rail Rifle and not Missiles?”, “Your playing Necrons but not bringing ANY Wraiths?”. This is what you get in ANY game that people end up making Competitive, which because of human nature is EVERY GAME ever made.

The Sims 4, Pro League.

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LOL! “Oh look out he needs to get him to the bathroom quick! Oh no! no! He didn’t make it, Xplorec’s sim just ■■■■ on the floor!”

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What’s needed is a “n00b” matchmaking sub-system. Choose to play in the “n00b lobby” and you must expect random playstyles :grin:

There is a serious side to that suggestion. It would be a place players could try out unfamiliar characters in PvP. More importantly, it would allow newcomers to get up to speed without the rest of their team treating them like idiots :slight_smile:

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