Team cooldown - How low can you really go?

Suppose that you have a team consisting of four sirens. Each of them wear a BotA relic with 47% cooldown boost. Here’s the question: What happens with the cooldown if all of them decide to wear a Leg Binder with 29% team cooldown boost?

BL maths often mean diminishing returns, and iirc, that’s the case with cooldown. So, at which point will the relics or COM’s be a waste? Has anyone done the maths on this, or tested it?


Roughly 4-5 seconds is the cooldown.

Here is joltz and his team


The math should go (according to this) :

Cooldown / (1 + total cooldown %’s as integers)

Cooldown = 13 seconds
Quicken = 30%
BoA = 47%
Leg Binder = 29% (x4)

13 / ( 1.0 + 0.30 + 0.47 + 0.29 + 0.29 + 0.29 + 0.29 )


13 / 2.93 = 4.37 seconds

Which seems about right based on what I saw counting seconds in the above video.

With only the one COM in the game it should be 6.31 seconds.


4 kriegs all with basically instant cooldown :thinking:


So, one could say that for each COM equipped, you cut 0,5 seconds off the phaselock cooldown. Approximately…
With three leg Binders on the team, each with a BotA and 5/5 in Quicken, you would get some pretty nice cooldowns on the other characters. If the other characters had their cooldown maxed in terms of skills and gear, you’d get the following results:

Leg Engineer Axton - 14,8 seconds
Leg Roboteer Gaige - 20,4 seconds
Leg Hunter Zero - 5,3 seconds

Krieg and Sal will not benefit much from it, since they both have other means to do this.


I could have sworn I was on a team of four Sirens who did just this (all with Thoughtlock and Sub Sequence), and we strolled through Digistruct Peak without much fuss (Saturn/Dukino’s Mom notwithstanding). If you rotate your Thoughtlocks one at a time, at least one of them is ready to go at any time, and something is always locked. It may have been on the earlier forums? I think they wanted to do a raid, but I had to cut out.