Team for Moxxis underdome

hey guys im looking for a team to do moxxis underdome dlc with gt is PeterL2014 let me know if ur interested

I still need help with this plz

You can reach lvl69 fast by farming Lost Cave, 4-5 runs for a single levelup by killing Larva Crab Worms only. Although I haven’t tried it yet, another option is to go to Crawmerax and use the glitchspot for killing his minions, for they gives out far more xp tham Larva Crab Worms.

I tried Underdome just yesterday and finished one challenge rather easily. Having gathered a lot good legendaries helped out I guess.

So I’d suggest start by farming Crawmerax, until you’ve got some great weapons for every type. If you use the glitchspot then all you need is some experience and a decent rocket laucher which can land hits on it’s back and not waste ammo. I’m using plain green rocket laucher for example, because it works fine for me, unlike the legedary rocket lauchers I have whose have pesky effects whose just makes doing this job more risky. Just look at some videos in Youtube.

As for Crawmerax farming, I suggest doing 6packs - if you leave and enter back the level then Crawmerax will be respawned, so you can keep farming him continously without exiting the game.
However for me personally the game crashes when entering the level for 8th time, so I guess amount of loot gets too large either for game’s limitations or for my RAM. So from my experience I suggest doing 6packs to avoid this risk. Because if you’re doing 7packs then you might eventually miscalculate make that extra run and potentially crash the game. Not that I can vouch that it’s true that the game always crashes on 8th run, but what I can vouch for is that disappointment for losing 8 runs worth of loot is not worth that risk.

Anyway, as for worries about having too much loot to explore through, the good thing is that after leaving and entering the level back all the loot will be nicely aligned in certain angle, which allows to scout it all properly without getting confused. Of course, the last pack of loot from Crawmerax will be randomly aligned however for not having left the level, but it isn’t large enough amount of loot to cause any problems.

Enjoy those challenges piece by piece! :slight_smile:

p.s. yeah, you probably already know all that info, I guess I got some relapse from not having written any wall of texts for a while.

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Lost cave use to be my go to for leveling up plus it’s just some fun mobbing in there. Lots of badass skags and loads of xp…

well craw is dead, and if it wasn’t for wanting to get all the achievements id say to heck with the moxxis dlc it takes too long to go thru all those waves and rounds I get bored with it soloing it

Yo Pete, still need the cheevo? I’ve been taking a break from BL2 and all ready reached lvl 69 with a new toon, anyway let me know if you still need it.

yes plz I have the first bit done just need to do the rest of it (the larger challenges)

No problem

in that case let me know when ur ready btw my only level 69 toon is my mordicai

Use whoever

Also I’ll be getting on in a few minutes but I don’t know for how long. My parents are coming over for a visit.

ok np I’m on now