Team Matchmaking Question

This is really just a question for devs, that probably won’t be answered. But it only needs a yes or no.

It feels like teams are being generated by finding people of a given ELO-ranking and sticking them together. It then creates another team of similar ELO-ranking. It then tries to find a match for teams, loosening the acceptable level differences as the time increases. If this is the way it works, that will guarantee horrible games as player population goes down.

So, yes or no. Is this the way it works?

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for another couple of hours. Update will be rolled out today with matchmaking update. It will all change

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As plutonium bug said, that is how it works but will be changing. I have to say that last night the matchmaking was not doing a good job with ELO at all as the majority of my matches my team was completely routed, didn’t even put up a fight. Hopefully these matchmaking changes will help with all that, we’ll see.

But will the new competitive mode use the above method?

I mean, if that’s the way it works it guarantees a death spiral if you start getting low. Never try a new character!

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As I understand it the Competitive Mode will use a similar ELO-based method, but it will possibly take a bit longer with better matching outcomes than now.

So, now that I’m here in the ELO-basement, I will never be able to drag myself out unless I start carrying teams? Casual play forever, here I come!

If that is their actual method for Matchmaking teams, they will never grow a player-base. Hopefully you do good your first few games, otherwise you will be getting routed for the rest of your game lifetime.

That assumes:

that casual play doesn’t affect your elo rating (it should, even if you never play comp, because otherwise you’d have people playing comp who’re experienced in pvp but only played casual up to that point and getting counted as an unknown variable).

And also that there won’t be enough people playing comp for you to get matched with a closer team.


Yes, but I don’t consider either of those assumptions to be unlikely.

For now, as the player-base currently has issues I don’t see competitive providing a better experience than I am currently having when I solo-queue. And I don’t see my current experience being one that would encourage a new player to continue.

Casual is a crap shoot. It depends entirely on how often we see pre-mades pubstomping. But at least it’s a random factor vs. my now seemingly guaranteed bad play experience.

When i get into a pre-made with friends, my experience is usually a close enjoyable game. But my solo-quee is invariably a stomping, which i know is not helping my ELO and the majority of the time I play. So, should I stop playing solo to help my ELO? I’m sure that’s what Gearbox wants, less players on.