Team Mates Quitting Ruin Matches

So I was playing a game where we pretty much started out dominating, but then After we destroyed their first Sentry (Our sentrys still at 94 health so pretty much untouched) 2 of our team mates quite and the remaining 3 of us (Isic, Galt, and Rath) basically got destroyed, somehow we managed to keep them from destroying out 2nd sentry after they steam rolled us when half our team quite.
But when the clock came down to 2 minutes and our sentry was 14 vs their 44 we just surrendered.


Granted they weren’t the best team mates to begin with, but they’re atleast a distraction while good players are down.
Many times the other team would rush us, and 3v5 cant do much, particularly when one or 2 of us were dead from trying to push back the other team.

Can we get some kind of boost when a team mate drops?
Seriously, I’ve seen some multiplayer games insert a Bot (as in the character that dropped out is still there but controlled by AI) and even if the bot was worthless fodder it could atleast still be fodder.

If making AI that is the basic level of competent in multiplayer (And I don’t mean to come off as harsh making an AI for a character to fight in multiplayer would be extremely hard, particularly with the varied play style of each character, probably why there arent team v bot matches)

But if thats impossible maybe just some bonus the team gets?
boosted health, reduced build-able cost, more minions, something?

Cause that match went from a pleasant match we were doing very well in to anger inducing.
I do wish I could thank the other 2 that stuck around in the team despite us being at an insane handicap, cause after our team left it got ridiculous.


I think the game could use an option that would allow players to join matches in progress, as long as they manually opt-in. The loss wouldn’t count towards your stats, and you could spawn in at the average level of all players in the match so you’re not immediately screwed, but it also doesn’t buff your team hugely. I don’t think that’s unreasonable because it’s not like Battleborn is some hyper-competitive, super serious l33t shooter.


People in general just need to chill. I’ve seen people vote to surrender on melt down as soon as we are 50 points behind and scream that they are the only good player and the team should all uninstall.

I’ve seen games be so 1 sides but that last push with 3 mins to go wins me the game. People just need to bite the bullet and stay the full game. Too many people are worried about being the best and having the best possible kdr. I don’t think they need to add bots.just punish people for leaving.

I’d love to see some type of punishment. Like the next game they play they get auto selected as miko in a pink dress. Something to tell the community that the rage quit their last game :slight_smile:


theyd need to make the bots in this game slightly smarter imo first but i think thatd be good. quitters should be dealt with accordingly too.
pointing out they are a quitter maybe matching them with other quitters and NOT allowing them to surrender. Not allowing them to choose their own character the next match random select and if they quit again they will have to random select once again. Once they complete a match they can choose there own but if they quit again random once again.
force them to solo a story quest in order to regain the right to come back to ques ( this is probably too harsh maybe :kissing:)
just some ideas i saw on here with a few of my own ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ.

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I know the feeling. I had two matches today where out of the blue we lost a teammate for no reason.

One was when we were winning and they called surrender. We voted that Crap down and they left us in a 4 v 5. We dug in and dominated

Second was much the same. Winning, they leave and we started to slip. Team got pissed and we not only rallied but won by making the other team surrender. We just bullied them endlessly. No minion waves got past us, we kept scoring, stopped all their pushes. They finally gave up with a surrender. The game score

490 to 480 they literally could have won. But we just dug in and said “Nope” not rolling over for a bunch of lvl 60 and 80 pros."

Made em quit…

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Sometimes it kicks people out so you shouldn’t be so haste to assume they “quit” its happened to me before and seems like an occurring issue and could be an issue on on either Playstations side or Gearbox side. I think a solution would be to allow a bot to takes its place until they come back but they would need to make the bots more intelligent cause as of right now they are pretty dumb.

Montana in a pink dress is even better and more noticeable.

Well the problem is we weren’t losing, we were dominating and after we destroyed their first sentry and ours was barely touched.
But then those 2 quit and things spiraled down hill x.x

It was a very nice game until half our team quit, then we got steam rolled purely by their numbers, somehow we even killed most of the other team, even in my screenshot you see we somehow killed 3 of the other team, but when 2 still remained fire on us there was basically nothing that could be done.

I’m also slightly annoyed one of the quitters chose Orendi, which is my main >3<

Possibly, but i know you can rejoin if something causes you to quit.
Atleast on pc I’m unsure about the console versions.
But this took place on PC, but thats why i didn’t propose a punishment cause I know what its like to have crap internet.
Just some kind of replacement bot or team wide Buff.

And yeah, thats why I say bots of characters to replace players would be hard, they’d need a new AI altogether.
Not to mention the wildly differing play of the characters, it’d need some good AI.