Team of 4 LF Fifth

We are a team of four 26 y/o real life friends looking to add a fifth to play with us on a consistent basis. We spout memes and have fun but mostly we are all competitive players and want to gear towards entering tournaments for fun. We play anywhere from 6:30-11:30pm PST. Add Kephess or respond here if interested.

I’m lvl 63 and I play everyday 6-8 hours. Got mic. 33 Years old with 10 years of Moba and 20 years of shooters experience. Gt Megatronus83. I play during the day though

Hey Mega! We are all ~26 y/o in USW and play sometime during 6:30-11:30pm during the week and random times on the weekends. Doesnt sound like those times are all that good for you?

Bump Bump Bumpity Bump

Well we can play but those are hours I’m off battleborn. Sucks dude Cuz I could use a crew

I’m always up for a game, feel free to add/friend me, same name as here: Gunsmoke1084
I typically play Boldur, Montana or Klesse, but slowly learning everyone. I’m desparately seeking of an ALL Eldrid team for my Boldur lore challenge, solo and duo doesn’t work, I think it has be all 5 team members.

I’m usually up very late for EST, I use work 2nd and 3rd shift a lot, so the hours you require work perfectly for me.

Sure thing, will add you up.

Anyone else feel free to post up your GT and get some games in with us. We’re not cliquey and would love to have a fifth!

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