(Team Recruitment [PC]) Hey you, yeah you, the one with the face

Hey, it’s me, I am me. I’m recruiting for a team in battleborn, it’s called No Surrender.

Do you like this game? I do. Come like it with me. Like it the whole time we’re pounding our enemies into disgusting bio-organic paste. It’s ecofriendly so you can feel good about your actions.

-platform anguish removed by PH-

I’ve played lots of mobas, about 5000 hours across multiple ones. I only have about 1000~1500 hours in FPSes though, so take that as you will. If you don’t have really big numbers, that’s fine, we’ll make you have big numbers.

If you’re not that good at the game, that’s fine. We can help you become better, as long as you’re willing to learn. Just be a cool guy, don’t get mad when we lose, and always look to improve yourself.

My outlook on competitive games is that if something went wrong, there was perhaps something back down the line I could have done differently that could have changed the outcome to something better, therefore I should look to improve. You don’t have to share this outlook, but if you rage out I will give you a dad-look and you’ll feel really bad.

Add me on steam, Insanity Engine is the tag. Looking forward to playing with you guys.


Moved to the correct section, and edited. The number of platform wars we have tolerated here number precisely zero. And we’re going to keep it that way. Please read the forum rules before posting again.

I’m sorry about posting in the wrong spot, and the “Platform anguish” was a joke. It was so overblown that I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously, and it was just meant to make sure people understood I was on PC, not console.

Anyone who genuinely bashes people for being on console instead of PC is a clown.

Again, though, I’m sorry.

Okay, cool.

Just remember: there’s always someone who would take it seriously. And that doesn’t end well. We do jump on it pretty quickly, but it’s better if it’s just avoided.

Thanks, though.

What’s your time zone?, I usually have trouble playing around US timezones, otherwise Id be happy to join.

I searched you on Steam and there’s a lot that came up. Add me: Poptarts~and~Glitter. Look forward to playing with ya

Added yah =3=

Hey team ,

Finally someone that plays this. I hope this ant a prank. Anyways i just want to have some great fun, add me chaps…

Steam name: kentmen23

Thank you